Benefits of the security control room operator

control room operaters Typically, control rooms are defined as a place where any monitoring or analysing of an organisation’s business practices are carried out. This can be something as simple as a CCTV monitoring point set up in a manager’s office or a large space with multiple monitoring stations – like an incident room.

Either way, control rooms are primarily designed to ensure that any problems or incidents that might otherwise impact the business or event, are spotted and dealt with quickly. With this in mind, why would you need a security control room operator? More importantly, how can they benefit your business further?

Let’s take a closer look…

A different focus

By their very name, security control room operators originate from a security background, so naturally, they come with a different focus. In other words, their focus or emphasis is more about security and protection. Having this different approach allows the monitoring team to better concentrate their efforts on ensuring their business or event runs smoothly. Meanwhile and likewise, the security control room operator can do their job of ensuring that any breaches in security won’t compromise the company or event.

Their duties may include:

  • Analysing activity on perimeters, car parks or entrances – looking for any weak spots or potential problem areas
  • Seeking out the anomalous activity which may be indicative of a security breach
  • Analysing any potential security breaches and reporting any incidents immediately to response teams
  • Making suggestions as to where security improvements can be made and how

These are factors that a non-security-trained individual might not pick up on.

Aside from having a dual approach to monitoring, there is another benefit to choosing a security control room operator….

Round the clock monitoring

Security control room operators can also provide round-the-clock monitoring when necessary. That’s 24 hours a day 7 days a week! By utilizing continuous activity monitoring, security personnel has the ability to improve incident detection that may have otherwise been missed by normal-working-hours monitoring only. This can be carried out either remotely using sophisticated equipment, or on the premises.

So why would you invest in 24/7 monitoring?

To put it simply, round-the-clock monitoring gives businesses a bigger advantage to defend against incidents like intrusions, vandalism, and theft (which usually occurs outside standard working hours) that may otherwise cost organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

So now you know how a security control room operator can help…

Why choose MA Services Group as your go-to security company?

Our highly skilled team of security operators are used to integrating within a company dynamic. We already supply security guards and concierge security operators to a wide number of organisations, so you can be assured of a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

As such, our clients can opt for whether they want their security control room operator to become part of their current control room team, or whether they would prefer our security operator to operate remotely. Either way, our clients are guaranteed a trusted and committed operation that will serve to enhance and protect any business.

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