Security Measures for Office Cleaning

security measures for office cleaning  It’s only natural that your main focus when hiring a cleaning company is the standard of cleanliness. You want to make sure that your offices are cleaned to corporate standards, but you also want to make sure that you’re getting the service that you need at a price that works for you.

One thing, however, that you may have overlooked when hiring office cleaners in the past is the security of your information and your business. Here are a few security measures for office cleaning services that you should consider.

Entrance in office security

One of the first steps is to ensure that the people who are cleaning your office are entered into your office security system. This means you should have a log of all the people who are coming and going out of hours. You should have the full name and a photo of each individual. This helps if any footage needs to be pulled should an incident occur and helps to identify the person and why they were there.

Should you have a security guard that works nights and weekends, you can also request that they keep a log of cleaning personnel allowed to enter your building. Noting their time of arrival and departure would also be extremely useful.

Security measures for office cleaning – lock cards

If there are certain rooms that you do not want your office cleaners to enter because they contain sensitive data, then you might want to consider lock cards. These can be configured to allow them entry to certain rooms and restrict them from entering other parts of the building. If the key card doesn’t work, then they know this is an area they are not allowed to enter and clean. It’s a really simple way to keep your information private and can also be used to keep employees away from sensitive information. If you have a security guard on the premise, you can also get them to check the key cards routinely.

Privacy agreement

While it may seem a bit of an overkill, one solid option to keep your information and business safe is to draw up a privacy agreement between yourself and the office cleaning company, as well as their employees who will be cleaning your office. This way you have a written assurance that office cleaning personnel will not disclose any information they may see in your offices regarding potential projects, documentation and files. This could come in handy should you at any time find yourself facing legal action because of a breach in security.

Most reputable cleaning companies won’t have an issue with any of these proposals. Larger cleaning companies who are experienced with certain types of businesses, probably already have these options in place and more besides.

Take advantage of these security measures for office cleaning and be sure you’re working with a reputable cleaning company.

MA Cleaning was established in 2017 to offer clients the choice to enhance their security and safety assurance within their environments both for customers and shareholders. We recognise that cleaning and security go hand in hand and are committed to providing outstanding professional cleaning services while ensuring your brand is not impacted.

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