What is a Retail Loss Prevention Officer?

loss prevention officerIn the past, a loss prevention officer might have been perceived by the general public as a ‘security guard’ within a retail centre whose main role was to apprehend shoplifters. Those caught could expect a heavy slap on the wrist in most parts because primarily they were kids stealing sweets and make-up from companies such as Woolworths.

Those who served as security guards within the retail trade were also commonly thought to be inexperienced and fulfilling the role until such time as they finished college, or biding their time until they could retire.

The real role of loss prevention in retail

In reality, all of these perceptions are far from accurate. While serving as a ‘security guard’ is an important and worthwhile profession, and there are certain similarities, there are also several differences between loss prevention and security guarding.

The purpose of loss prevention is to help a business enhance its profitability. Often this involves exploring different avenues and implementing plans which help make a business more efficient by identifying areas that are dragging a business down. Whether that has been as a result of overspending in some areas, errors in paperwork and operational areas, or other potential sources.

It also includes the protection of company assets, as well as employees and customers. Often, there is a need for various audits to be carried out, improvements in employee awareness and training, as well as other responsibilities within a business. Ultimately, ideas, philosophies, and approaches will vary depending on each individual business. Organised retail crime, cyber-crime, and other illegal activities have become an everyday occurrence in retail settings. All of this calls for individuals who are focused, dedicated, disciplined, creative, and hard-working.

At MA Services, our loss prevention officers/managers are highly educated and very experienced. They are trained to balance different roles and to take on new responsibilities on a regular basis while establishing best industry practices. A loss prevention officer has different approaches to all elements of his or her role from employee interviewing techniques and shoplifting prevention to employee management and leadership skills.

So what exactly is a loss prevention manager?

It’s a seasoned professional who serves the retail industry every day. While the answer may vary according to an individual’s background or experience, ultimately the message will always be the same  – Whether they’re covering one store or several, these are the people who are serving and protecting the retail industry as innovators, partners, and ultimate professionals.

Here at MA Services, our loss prevention team have a wealth of experience across a diverse range of business sectors. When you use our services, not only will you have peace of mind in knowing that you have the right people for the job, but ultimately, we can help your business save money in the process.

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