Cleaning Service for a Fashion Retailer


The challenge was to ensure a seamless transition for the cleaning contract within the allotted timeframe. The transition had to be smooth and without disruption to the retailer’s day-to-day activities. The logistics of coordinating keys and alarm codes for 80 stores posed a considerable challenge.


Our team of experienced Client Delivery Managers commenced immediately, working closely with the client’s management team to ensure a successful transition. We created a mobilisations plan, that included the coordination of store keys and alarm codes for the 80 stores. We had worked closely with the clients to ensure that they were adequately trained and equipped to provide the required cleaning services to their satisfaction.

Our national coverage provided the necessary resources to ensure that the transition was seamless, with no disruption to the retailer’s business activities.


Our team successfully transitioned the cleaning contract within ten days, meeting the client’s expectations. The transition was seamless, with no disruptions to the retailer’s day-to-day operations.


We are proud to have delivered a successful outcome for the mobilisation of the cleaning contract for our national fashion retailer client. Our team’s experience, expertise, and commitment to providing quality service ensured that the transition was smooth, and that the client was satisfied.