How Important Are Event Security Guards?

Event security GuardsSo, your special event is looming fast and all of your plans are gradually falling into place to ensure that it’s a success. However, there is one crucial aspect that you may have overlooked – event security guards.
Planning an event can take hours of your time what with drawing up a guest list, organising the catering, and laying on entertainment, so it’s hardly surprising that security is often an afterthought.

However, we can’t stress enough the importance of planning how you are going to manage the crowd. It’s not a job that anybody can do since it requires special skills as no-one can say for sure how a crowd is going to behave. It requires monitoring with the use of event security guards and CCTV cameras, that act as an extra set of eyes.

Depending on the size of your event you need sufficient security guards who can liaise with the event organisers to help tighten up security and keep all of the guests safe and secure. Without security in place, anything bad could happen.

So how important are event security guards and what can they do for you? Well, let’s take a closer look.

  • Prevent gate-crashers and intruders

With any event, there’s always a risk of uninvited people attempting to get in. Some may even use force to try and gain entry. A event security guard can prevent this from happening and ensure your event is enjoyable and hitch-free.

  • Protection For High-profile guest security

If you’re planning on inviting high-profile people from your industry as well as local celebrities to your event, then it’s even more important to hire event security guards from a reputable security guard company. The security risks are naturally greater when high flyers are invited and their protection is your responsibility.

Security guards placed at every entrance and exit point can prevent armed or unwanted people from gaining access to the building. Furthermore, security guards can ensure that no-one gets close to the guests.

  • Crowd control

Without any kind of crowd management, any party can become rowdy or disorderly. This is more likely to be the case if alcohol is being served on the premises. People can get drunk, act out of character, and become a nuisance. A big crowd can also be a problem even without the presence of alcohol. As well as offering total protection, event security guards can help keep a crowd under control without curbing their enjoyment.

  • Prevent unwanted press attention

When you organise a large event with celebrities on the guest list, it’s likely that the media will know all about it. If you haven’t asked them to cover the event, there’s still a chance that they will try to gain access. It can be difficult to handle uninvited journalists since they can also publish negative comments. Under these circumstances, it’s best to let experienced security guards manage the individuals and prevent them from causing a disturbance.

  • Security breaches

Without guards, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of a security breach. It’s possible that intruders could take advantage of expensive equipment or even spy on your event. With the help of a reliable team of security guards and CCTV cameras, you can ensure a close eye is kept on every detail of your event. In the event of any legal disputes, then you can use the recorded footage as evidence.

  •  Handling Emergency situations

One never knows when an emergency could occur whether it be an accident, a fire, or a bomb blast. The safety of your guests should always be your prime concern which is why hiring event security guards is so important. They are trained to handle emergencies of any kind and will know how to evacuate people quickly and effectively.

So now you know just how important event security guards are, just be sure to choose the right company. Things to look for include:

  • Security guards that are fully licenced and in possession of first aid certificates
  • Regional experience – guards within your area will have a better understanding of any unique concerns
  • Versatility – choose a company that has well-rounded experience in providing guards to governments, homes, and businesses
  • Affordable – Choose a company that doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. Instead, a reputable security company will charge you a reasonable price for their service and charge you for their time

MA Services fits all of the above criteria and is standing by to take your call. Get in touch today on 1300 020 406 to see how we can help guard your event.