Is A Security Alarm System Really That Effective?

In this day and age, a security alarm system is an integral part of any risk management plan for your business, however, it shouldn’t be relied upon solely to provide complete protection. If for instance you’ve installed a security alarm but don’t have it connected through to a security company, then it will only ever be a deterrent. The trouble is that most intruders know this and this in effect could put you and your business at risk.

Think about this for a moment. If your premises security alarm goes off at four in the morning and you stagger out of bed to make your way down there, what happens when you arrive? What are you going to encounter? Immediately your safety has been put at risk.

Conversely, a security alarm that’s been connected to a security company gives you total peace-of-mind. Firstly when an alarm goes off it can act as a deterrent and alert anyone nearby that there might be a problem. Secondly, and more importantly, if the alarm does go off at ‘silly’ o’clock in the morning it’s reassuring to know that there’s going to be a trained professional who will be there with you.

Of course, other elements that you might want to add to your risk management plan are regular security or mobile patrols. Working in conjunction with your alarm monitoring service a mobile patrol will patrol the area at random times of the day or night during non-working hours. Again this is usually a deterrent for anyone but the most determined of burglars as if they see that an area has a general security presence, then in most cases, they tend not to target it.

In answer to the question “Are burglar/security alarms really that effective?” the answer is that they can be, but only if they’re connected to an alarm monitoring company and used in conjunction with other security methods such as mobile patrols or even having a static guard present.

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