The manner in which VIP
protection has been depicted in films has lead people to believe that
it’s a glamorous job that involves speeding off in fancy cars and
protecting those individuals from highly violent criminals who are
out to seek revenge. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While
it’s true that those security personnel that offer VIP protection are
indeed highly-skilled and (usually) highly-experienced individuals,
they aren’t usually in the public eye like their TV counterparts. So
what exactly is real life VIP protection and what does it entail?
Let’s take a closer look….

As the name suggests
VIP protection means providing executive protection to anyone that
may need it. The type of people that ask for VIP security protection
may include celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and business
executives but may also include those who have had some sort of
threat against them. In essence VIP security encompasses protection
as a whole not just of the individuals themselves, but in many cases
their families and assets too.

Security companies who
offer this service need to have personnel who are skilled in a number
of areas and what’s more it isn’t limited to men. Surprisingly women
also make good VIP protection officers because they aren’t big and
bulky like your archetypal bodyguard might be and as a result, they
can easily blend into the background anonymously.


Excellent planning


One of the main traits
a VIP protection officer needs is excellent planning ability. They
need to have a good understanding of route planning, escape and
evasion planning, and task planning, so should they have to plot a
route for a specific visit they have the skills to carry out
reconnaissance and plan every detail to ensure the utmost safety of
all parties involved.


Good communication


Being able to convey
clear and concise instructions requires good communication skills and
this is something every VIP protection officer needs. They need to
have the ability to communicate well at all times, even when under
pressure. They may for instance have to quickly re-plan a route due
to unforeseen circumstances and as such, need to be able to
communicate their actions quickly and concisely to ensure complete

In addition to these
traits a VIP protection officer is also trained in basic medical
skills as well as firearm training and tactical response training.

At MA Security, we’re
often the first choice for highly sensitive security roles because of
our VIP experience. We’ve worked with everyone from celebrities to
high rollers. To find out more about how we can help you, don’t
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