Why female security guards important in party?

In years gone by, it could be said that security guarding used to be an all-male profession but not any more. Nowadays more and more women are finding that being a security guard is a rewarding career that offers them more than their fair share of job satisfaction. Moreover, many security firms are recruiting females and there are even ‘all-female’ security companies for those who prefer to have a female presence at their venue, event, store etc.

Female security guard

The fact is that in many instances female security guards are often preferred. In Saudi Arabia for example, a controversial law passed a few years back banned male staff from selling underwear in lingerie stores and cosmetics in outlets. As a result more and more female security guards are being employed to assist female staff. But what about closer to home? How can female security guards be of benefit in Australia? Let’s take a look.

Less aggressive outcome

Feedback from the security industry suggests that when a female security guard is sent to deal with a potentially testing or difficult situation, especially when males are the instigators, then the outcome is often a far less aggressive one. It’s thought that women by their very nature are naturally good at dealing with conflict and are good at adopting a negotiation-style of resolution that has a calming influence.

Friendly face

In many situations, especially large scale events, a women is often seen as a friendly face and as such tends to portray a different image to that of the stereo-typical male security guard. Because of this, what could at first be seen as an antagonistic situation, often has the opposite effect when dealt with by a female security guard.

They can go where males can’t

Clearly they also have access to places that their male counterparts don’t such as female only areas including toilets and rest rooms. They also have the ability to stop and search female event goers should they need to, whereas before any type of female crowd control, it would have been very easy for any female to hide drugs or weapons, safe in the knowledge that they wouldn’t have to worry about being physically searched.

Specialist jobs

Female security guards also have the ability to offer firms who hire them the scope to take on more specialist jobs. For example clients who need asset protection such as hen or teen parties per se, might feel far more comfortable hiring a female security guard, than they would a male counterpart.

There’s no doubting that female security guards can bring a lot to any security company so it’s no wonder then that we’re starting to see many more companies embracing this and employing females in this role.

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