Can security firms really save your Business ?

In this day and age security guards are utilised in a wide variety of roles ranging from event security through to crowd control and at the very top, high profile close protection work. However one of the more recognisable roles for security guards is when they are tasked with the security of a company.

security guards

You often see them sitting in booths controlling exit and entry of employees and visitors or monitoring closed circuit TV. The fact is that more and more companies are taking their security seriously, but the question is, can security firms really save a company money.

In essence, within a business environment security guards have two main functions. These are either keeping the status quo, so that you and your employees can concentrate on making money and serving your clients/customers; or effective and rapid response to sudden emergency situations. In this respect security guards are often compared to a computer binary system in that 99% of the time they’re on 0 making sure that everything is as it should be, but when an alarm is raised they’re switched to 1.

Now you may feel that it mightn’t be worth paying a security company to have someone on your premises who seems to not do very much, but remember that if the alarm is raised or security is breached and the potential for your company to lose a lot of money occurs, then the swift actions of the security guard/guards can make all the difference.

Okay so how do you justify whether or not you should hire a security firm?

The reality is that the process should be viewed on a ‘return on investment’ (ROI) basis. Therefore try asking yourself

  • How many break in’s or robberies has the company had in the past year or two?
  • How much money has been spent removing graffiti from the building or repairing the aftermath or vandalism
  • How many times have fire evacuation alarms disrupted your business?
  • Have you ever needed to terminate an employee and felt unsafe or threatened because of it?
  • How many times has security been breached because unauthorised personnel have gotten into areas that they shouldn’t?

The point is that any one of these actions could cost more than a security guard’s wages for an entire year and if you look at the effects and overall costs of any of the above on your business, it’s relatively easy to calculate the financial losses too.

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