How Best To Deal With Gate Crashers

Did you know that approximately 10% of all teen parties that run into trouble with the authorities do so because of gate crashers. The problem is when it comes to uninvited guests you never immediately know if you’re dealing with someone who’s genuinely lost and just happened to find themselves (rather embarrassingly) right in the midst of your party, or someone who is drunk or high on drugs and is there to cause trouble. So how should you best deal with the situation?

Make sure that they are actually gate crashers

Sounds obvious I know but just because you haven’t invited them personally, it doesn’t mean that your relatives, spouse or partner hasn’t. Therefore always confirm that they’re definitely not on the invite list, before you take it further. It’ll save a lot of embarrassment later on when you find that your aunty Gwen invited them but forgot to mention it.

Monitor their behaviour

Once you’ve ascertained that they definitely weren’t invited, then spend a few minutes monitoring their behaviour. Are they simply keeping themselves to themselves or are they trying to cause trouble for other guests?

Deal with them accordingly

Depending on how they’re acting will ultimately depend on how you’re gong to deal with them. If they aren’t causing any harm then you might want to consider letting them stay. If you do this however it’s worth remembering that as the host you have a responsibility for the safety of all your guests, so you ‘ll need to think carefully. If you do decide that they aren’t welcome then you need to be firm and politely tell them that “This is an invite only event and that they need to leave”. Nine times out of ten, they’ll leave once they know that they’ve been found out. Conversely, if they’re becoming unruly or making themselves a general nuisance then you’ll need to act fast. Either use the services of the venue security company, or be prepared to call the authorities should the need arise. If you decide to confront them yourself, then make sure you have a few friends as back-up should anything kick off

Hire a private security service

Alternatively, why not take all the hassle out of any possible gate crashing by hiring a professional security company. Any security service who deals with event security on a regular basis will know exactly how to deal with uninvited guests. As the name suggests they’ll be employed to take charge of all the security aspects of your event thus ensuring the well-being of you and your guests. In fact if they carry out their job correctly, then you’ll not even realise that they’re present, leaving you to be the perfect host.

If you want a hassle-free event and don’t want to have to worry about uninvited guests then contact MA Services Group. We’ve been in the security industry for many years and during that time have organised and provided the security for a wide range of events, from private parties right up to large scale music festivals. Why not contact us on 03 9994 4107 and let us show you what we can do.

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