Festival Security Tips To Keep You Secure

Whatever type of concert or festival you’re looking to attend this festival season, the principles behind event security and the problems that festival-goers can encounter remain the same. Although the vast majority of people have a great time and come away having experienced no problems at all, there are things from a security perspective that you can do to make sure that you aren’t in the small minority who don’t have such a great experience. Let’s take a look.

Down-grading your phone

Let’s face it, for technology lovers a top of the range smartphone is a must-have item. The trouble is they’re also the favoured possession of choice for any petty thief. Okay, so a phone is essential at a festival for keeping in touch with on-site friends and family back home, but ask yourself this – Do you really want to risk having your thousand dollars phone pinched? Instead, leave it at home and downgrade your phone for a cheaper version. You know it makes sense!

Leave the bling at home

Everyone likes a bit of bling but it probably isn’t advisable to bring your expensive watch or much-loved jewellery with you to a festival. Instead, If you want to make a statement, then why not look at some great costume jewellery at a fraction of the price. Then if it goes missing or gets stolen you won’t feel quite so bad.

Split your cash

If there’s one golden rule for festival security it’s this – ‘Never put all your cash in one place‘ if that gets pinched you’re kind of stuff right? Instead, split your cash up into three or four different pockets and keep it on your person. Also, make sure each place is secured with a zip.

Don’t hide your valuables

If you do decide to bring valuable and attractive items then don’t assume that they’re going to be safely rolled up under your sleeping bag in your tent. On the contrary for many experienced thieves, this is the first place they’ll look. Instead, like your cash, always keep them on your person.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

It’s probably best to pace your alcohol intake because a serious alcohol splurge in the first few hours could wipe out any fun and enjoyment you might have over the duration of the festival. Try interspersing alcohol with water or soft drinks and food and remember – never leave any drinks unattended and don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know.

So there you have it! If you follow some or (hopefully) all of these security tips then there’s a strong chance that your festival experience will certainly be one to remember and not one to forget.

At MA Services group we’ve been providing festival security for many years and have covered some of the largest events in Victoria such as the Warrandyte and Moomba Festivals. Why not call us on 03 9339 3500 or visit our website to find out more.

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