VIP Protection – What Does It Really Entail?

I’m sure you’ve seen the Hollywood blockbusters such as Clint Eastwood’s ‘In The Line Of Fire’ or Kevin Costner’s ‘The Bodyguard’ where the secret service agent saves the day against all odds. Although this might be a somewhat glorified version of VIP Protection, is it at all like the movies and if not what does it entail?

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Firstly what VIP Protection isn’t

Unfortunately (and Kevin Costner fans look-away now) it isn’t body guarding. Typically bodyguards use their large frames and brawn to ward off would-be stalkers, excessive fans, and of course the dreaded paparazzi from getting up close and personal to their intended celebrity.

Conversely VIP or executive protection involves making sure that the person they’re protecting can carry out their normal daily routines with as little fuss as possible. Often this involves anticipation, preparation, and planning for any contingency that places the person in any type of danger or conflict.

For this reason VIP protection personnel are thoroughly trained in all aspects of personal protection. These include security surveys for business, travel, and residential use including planning, preparation, and implementation of security measures, risk/threat assessments, en-route security vigilance, maintaining effective communication, defensive tactics if needs be, and close quarter protection.

So who is VIP protection really for?

As the name suggests it’s aimed at VIP’s such as heads of state, business executives, government officials, celebrities, high net worth earners and any other individual, family, or group that feel they want some type of human security.

So what makes a good VIP protection officer?

To an efficient VIP security guard anticipation is key. They won’t wait around for things to potentially go wrong. Instead they’ll make sure that all the bases are covered in order to protect that person without compromising on training, safety, or security. They know the drills and can implement them at a few seconds notice. They client should also feel comfortable in their presence and safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to go wrong; but in the highly unlikely situation that it does, then they’ve got it covered.

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