Uncovering The Common Security Mistakes That Many Businesses Still Make

It’s fair to say that there are many factors to consider to safeguard your business and your employees from the risk of cyber attack, physical attack, and theft. In fact hiring a security guard from M.A. Services Group is a great solution to your dilemma! However what never fails to amaze us is the common security mistakes that so many companies make and which could easily be avoided.

Not thinking about the floors above you

Most times when you visit any modern building you’ll find that the reception and security areas are located on the ground floor which makes sense. However, what doesn’t make sense is that fact that often the windows in the floors above are left wide open. It’s really important that the second and third floors are also kept as safe and secure as the ground floor, after all what’s to stop a criminal with a ladder from gaining access through the open windows? If the building is shut for the night or over the weekend then make sure a person is held responsible for ensuring that all the windows are closed and locked. It’s also a good idea for each floor of your building to have a separate access code on the entry door to maintain internal security.

Not setting alarms

Quite honestly, this  is one of the security mistakes that puzzles us the most. The amount of people who spend money on expensive alarm systems and then don’t bother to turn them on. It’s really important that any member of staff who may have to open up the premises first thing in the morning or lock up at night is fully versed in how the alarm system works and knows exactly what to do. There’s little point in investing money in a security system and then not using it because it’s too complicated. Make sure that your alarm system is set at all times or the result could cripple you financially.

Hiding a spare key outside the property

I know, we’ve all done it and hidden the key within close proximity to the building beneath a flower pot for example. The thing is that because we’ve all done it, anyone looking to break into the building knows the first places to look for a spare key. If you want to leave a spare key to the building then give it to a person who you trust.

Leaving costly items in full view

While it’s true to say that the image a business presents plays a large role in how successful they’re perceived to be, it really is a crazy idea to leave expensive equipment and technology on full view through a window. It’s far too tempting for a criminal to ignore. Instead at the end of the day either cover over your equipment with dust sheets or have blinds on the windows which can be pulled down so as to obscure the view inside.

If you need some professional advice on business security then why not get in touch with a professional security company. They’ve got a wealth of expertise in this area and can point out any areas where you’re going wrong or give you a pat on the back if you’ve already done a really good job!

If you want to find out more about security mistakes and how better to protect your business then contact MA Services Group. We provide advice as well as a wide range of security services. Call us today on 03 9994 4107 to see just how we can help you.

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