How To Protect Your Business From Cyber Theft Using 3 Simple Steps

In the 21st century the word ‘security’ doesn’t solely pertain to protecting your physical assets it also means protecting your virtual infrastructure too. From phishing to malware – unscrupulous hackers continue to invent ways to break into vulnerable digital networks. Unfortunately virtual attacks on business networks are becoming more and more sophisticated and are happening with alarming frequency. With this in mind, here’s a selection of basic security advice that we believe all businesses should be carrying out to avoid cyber theft.

Getting the basics right

As each day passes the reliance on our virtual networks becomes stronger but despite this, by simply applying basic security procedures it can make a huge difference. By taking steps such as controlling accessibility to sensitive information, changing passwords on a regular basis, and making sure you have a good, up-to-date anti-virus system, can all play a big part in protecting your virtual assets.

Regular security audits

It’s extremely advantageous to maintain regular cyber security audits. Just as you might review your physical security through regular audits the same can be said for your virtual network. A good cyber auditor will make sure that no stone is left unturned and any loopholes are removed which in the past, skilled hackers might have exploited.

Make everyone accountable

Network security should never just be your concern. In reality it should be the responsibility of all employees. Consider regular staff training on best practice cyber security and adopt a clear reporting policy should members of staff find any breaches of internet security. How about putting in place a reward scheme that encourages employees to come up with better cyber security policies? In fact whatever you do, make sure that everyone concerned understands the dangers of cyber theft.

You might be of the opinion that you don’t deal in sensitive information and therefore your company wouldn’t be of any interest to a hacker but let’s put it this way – if a hacker gains access to any information that you share around the internet then the consequences can be vast. One simple piece of information for instance can be a treasure-trove for any hacker. Once they have this, it’s an easy step to gain access to business plans, national security numbers, and even bank details. The reality is that it’s akin to leaving your premises door open all night and you certainly wouldn’t do that would you?

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