Exploring The Advantages Of Mobile Security

While many security guards used to safeguard businesses, residences or events are employed in a static guarding role property, business or site owners might also want to consider hiring mobile security patrols. So what are the advantages exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

Highly effective deterrent

Because mobile patrols can cover the same area numerously and quickly it makes for a highly effective deterrent. Most criminal activity involving businesses, residences, or events is opportunist and if the perpetrator spots a security patrol conducting regular spot checks, then there’s a strong chance they’ll move somewhere else that isn’t so well guarded.

Highly flexible

Being mobile, security patrols can be changed frequently so that different areas are covered at different times. This means that the patterns of patrols often remain ambiguous for any unwanted visitors, perpetrators, or criminals. More often than not, this is sufficient to deter them.

Can cover ground quickly

Mobile patrols generally have the use of vehicles and because of this they should be able to respond to an incident quickly, should the need arise. This means that the perpetrators, whether they’re potential burglars, vandals, or trespassers stand a greater chance of being caught red handed.

Carry out a wide range of checks

Aside from checking perimeter areas of events and festivals, businesses and residences, a mobile patrol can also be used to carry out a wide range of other security based tasks. These include but are not limited to:

  • Building inspections (including doors, windows, and any lights that have been left on)

  • Vacant property inspections

  • Locking and unlocking services

  • Fire alarm tests

  • Mail collection

  • First response duties

  • Sending regular updated security reports via email highlighting any problems or issues

  • Key holding and alarm monitoring

As you can see, mobile security patrols are about as flexible as security gets.

Provide excellent alternative

Sometimes there just isn’t the requirement for a full time static guard. For this reason mobile patrols provide an excellent alternative to those smaller businesses or residences who still want the peace of mind of security but simply can’t justify employing a full time security guard.

Providing an alternative service

It isn’t just businesses or event organisers that benefit from hiring mobile patrol security. In addition home owners who are away on holiday or business for any longer periods of time can call upon the services of a mobile security company who will take on private property inspections. These include maintaining premises security, regular checks of entry/exit points, regular alarm checks if applicable and and even checking taps for running water.

So there you have it. The next time you need any type of security then you might want to think about going mobile. For further information contact MA services Group. We’ve been providing security personnel, including mobile security, for many years so we have the experience and the skills to make sure that your business, property, or site remains safe and secure. To discuss your security options why not call us today on 03 9994 4107. We guarantee that your security is our priority!

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