Commercial Real Estate changes due to COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19 there has been a dramatic shift in all corporate property sectors. There is a positive shift to a more integrated framework services solution. MA Services Group’s integrated services solution enables our client’s sites to work in a more agile response to the business needs and tenants’ expectations.

As MA Services Group approaches a COVID Normal way of going about our business the dynamics of the workplace and everyday life will change and here is how we can assist-

  • Visitor & Customer Service Management

The importance of gaining the tenants and visitors trust to return to your property will require a presence on the entry of the building. The detection and screening of all visitors to site will become more prominent as individuals return to work and shopping malls. COVID Marshalls will become a mandatory first point of contact which will provide safety and security to your tenants and visitors. It will also show that you are taking responsibility as an organisation. MASG can provide customer service staff and security personnel to monitor through high risk areas such as entry lobbies & loading docks.

  • Cleaning Regimes and Ongoing Preventative Maintenance

Increased cleaning regimes and ongoing preventative maintenance has pushed property owners to revise their cleaning budgets. By using the same service provider for cleaning service property owners will be able to manage their time and save money by allowing a more transparent approach amongst service providers. Cleaning through risk awareness, incident notifications & scheduled cleaning programs can be tracked and monitored closely by MASG.   

  • Technology & Innovation

Technology is currently leading the way. We are seeing more and more uptake on clients requesting thermal cameras to detect any abnormalities in temperature. Our Security personnel are the key to ensuring these are manned in high risk areas of our client’s sites, be it a loading dock or reception area.

MA Services Group’s Integrated smart system TrackTik is utilised on all our existing client’s sites. TrackTik is an application used to monitor staff compliance, inductions, and rostering movements of our staff. It is also used as a portal to log & upload all onsite incidents, patrols, and inspections. The system can push notifications immediately to all stakeholder’s included as part of the incident response escalation process. The portal also enables our clients to have access to a live operational overview of their sites.

MA Services Group is here to help return your business, association, or school back to an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone concerned. Should you need advice or assistance then please get in touch to see how we can help. Call MASG today on 1300 020 406.