If you’re looking to
invest in a CCTV system to protect your business premises or home, it
can be a little overwhelming as one look through a brochure can give
you information overload. As a result it can be difficult to decide
exactly which system is best for your needs. With this in mind,
here’s a brief guide to help.

Rule 1 – Decide
what it is you want your camera to do

Do you want your camera
to see a person at the entrance or to be able to read a vehicle
registration outside your perimeter fencing? Are you looking for
static fixed position cameras or cameras that can scan a wide area.
Once you answer these questions, then you’ll have a better idea of
the type of camera you need.

Rule 2 – Clarify your camera type

Taking into account the
above, you should then take a look at the type of camera you need. In
essence there are three types of camera on the market. These are

  • Entry level
    analogue cameras, good for basic security (usually on domestic

  • High definition
    (HD) cameras – Good for use on business properties, and

  • IP (internet
    protocol) cameras – These are the most expensive, but give
    outstanding picture quality.

Rule 3 – Cheap is expensive

As with anything in
life, you tend to get what you pay for. This is certainly true when
you come to buy CCTV equipment. You might seem like you’re getting a
real bargain when purchasing a cheap system, but if it doesn’t do the
job, then you could end up losing a lot more as your business or
property is targeted. Instead look to spend the most you can within
your budget. A high quality small entry level system will probably be
a lot more effective than a larger unbranded cheap system.

Rule 4 – Consider
your lighting capabilities

Most cameras film in
colour during the day, but in the evening switch to black and white.
That is unless sufficient lighting is set up. While you can buy low
light cameras which don’t require the support of lighting they are
pretty pricey, so if you’re looking to get the best quality pictures
even at night, then it’s often cheaper to invest in quality outdoor
lighting to accompany your CCTV.

Rule 5 – Ask a
security professional for advice

Now you have a basic
understanding of CCTV cameras and what they entail, it might be worth
getting advice from the professionals. Here at MA Security for
example, as well as providing security personnel for a wide range of
businesses, we also design and install security surveillance
equipment. Tell us your needs and we can help you to choose the right
CCTV system for you.

To find out more
contact us on 1300 020 406 today and speak to our
friendly, experienced team.

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