There’s no doubt that a
CCTV camera system should be an essential part of your business
security arsenal but with a wealth of different models and types how
do you know which is right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Dome camera

This type of camera
gets its name from the dome shaped housing that the camera sits in
and you’ll probably see these most in indoor surveillance
applications such as retail outlets or shops. They’re designed to be
discreet and unobtrusive but not completely hidden. They’re also
designed to make it difficult to tell which way the camera is
pointing thus (hopefully) deterring any potential criminals.
Sometimes they can also pan/tilt and spin quickly and these are often
known as ‘speed domes’. They’re ideal for covering a relatively
large space such as as shop floor, but don’t function well in poor
light conditions.

Bullet camera

As the name suggests
bullet cameras have a long cylindrical shape to them and resemble a
bullet shape. They can be either ceiling or wall-mounted and are
typically designed for indoor use. These types of CCTV aren’t
designed to come with a pan/tilt function but are good for fixed long
distance viewing. Ideally multiple bullet cameras are usually placed
at strategic points inside a building for best use however they can
be waterproofed for outside use if the need arises.

C-Mount cameras

The advantage of
C-Mount cameras is that they have detachable lenses to equip them for
different roles. For example standard cameras cover a distance of
around 10-12 metres. However change the lens and you now have a
camera capable of spying distances of up to 17 metres. These are wall
mounted and can be used either indoors or (if protected) outside.

Night/Day CCTV

If you need a camera
for poorly lit situations such as a warehouse of darker yard area
then the night and day CCTV camera could be the perfect solution.
They have the ability to capture clear crisp images, even in the
dark, as well as the ability to function in direct sunlight.

Vision/Infrared CCTV camera

If you’re looking for a
camera to carry out it’s job in extremely poor or zero lighting then
the night vision/infrared CCTV camera is the answer. Designed
specifically for this role it’s perfect for outdoor use or darkly lit
areas such as stairwells etc.

Network IP cameras

This camera type can
ether be hard-wired or wireless and is designed to transmit images
via the internet. They’re usually easier to install than the analogue
variety because they don’t need the services of a separate cable or
power supply to transfer images over a long distance.

Wireless CCTV

Even though not all
wireless cameras are internet based, they’re still easy to install
and because no hard wiring is needed, they can literally be placed


This type of camera is
normally used in places such as casinos or banks and allow the
operator to zoom in large distances giving great clarity to the

Here at MA Services
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