Will Technology Ever Eliminate The Need For Physical Human Security?

Robotic Bob

It’s true that over the past decade or so we’ve begun to see new innovations that have removed the need for human involvement in what has traditionally been known as human activities. While many places such as car manufacturing plants already deploy robots in what can only be described as mundane roles, will advancements in technology ever eliminate the need for physical human security?

There are many challenges that the security industry as a whole face and these include factors such as a lack or training, low wages, and high staff turnover. Therefore it’s highly possible that robots can be used to fundamentally address all these issues. In fact, it may surprise you to know that they’re already being used.

Take Bob for instance…

Bob is a fully robotic security guard and is currently the only one working in the UK. Ironically, he patrols the headquarters of G4S – the largest provider of human security personnel in the world! He uses an array of scanners and cameras to gain knowledge of the environment that he patrols and by doing so the robot is able to detect people moving in and out of the space. Perhaps more impressively he is able to detect if something has changed in his environment since the last time it was scanned. In those instances, he can store that information on a hard drive and can alert a human security guard to the issue. Bob is also reliable and capable enough to work between 10-16 hours a day providing 36,000 hours of security over the course of a single year.

So what of the future?

It could be argued that there is value in using robots within the security sector however it could also be said that the true value of a security guard lies in their instinct. In other words, their ability to spot when something doesn’t feel right or appears suspicious, and as yet robots are some way off from being able to act in the same instinctive way.

Where robots may be able to help is to allow security companies to do more with fewer personnel. Where in some cases three of four security guards would be deployed on a site, it may mean you have 2-3 robots and one security guard overseeing the operation. In doing so companies may be able to better reduce turnover, increase wages, and hopefully increase overall profits. Whether that proves to be a winning combination for customers, security companies, and security personnel alike, then only time will tell.

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