What To Expect From A 21st Century Static Security Guard

Women corporate security guardThere’s no getting away from the fact that security guards are fast becoming a much-needed entity. In fact, you could say that most businesses would struggle to thrive and grow without the correct security measures in place and this is where fully licensed static security guards come in.

Why the term static?

In years gone by big companies employed security guards who would sit all day in a small hut controlling exit and entry of personnel into and out of the building. In the main, they were stationary, usually only leaving their post to carry out a quick patrol outside of working hours when all was deemed quiet. Nowadays however it isn’t really cost-effective to deploy people in this way and instead, static security guards in the 21st century are more likely to be out patrolling the perimeter, checking in vehicles, patrolling car parks, meeting and greeting visitors and carrying out physical and timed premises checks. In fact, there’s nothing really static about a security guard at all, it’s just that the name has stuck.

So what can you expect from a 21st-century static security guard?

A perfect match

Whether you’re a business looking to outsource your security to a professional security company or are looking to recruit ‘in house’ it’s essential that your chosen professional fits in well with your company. In other words, they’re the perfect match. Often they’re the first people that other organisations and visitors meet and therefore they need to be a good representation of your company. Most security companies will make sure that your chosen security guard is the right fit for you and your company.

Fully trained

If you decide to outsource your static security guarding and opt for a company such as MA Services Group you’ll be guaranteed that not only are staff fully licensed, but also fully trained on all aspects of the job. This means that should a situation arise, whether this is dealing with a demanding visitor, or identifying and dealing with a suspect package, they’ve got the experience and training necessary.

Proud to do the job

In years gone by it could be argued that anyone who got into security guarding probably didn’t fall into it by choice. On the contrary long unsociable hours and low pay meant that it was undertaken more out of necessity rather than want. Nowadays the security profession has had somewhat of a makeover and as such many people now choose this type of work as a career path rather than just a job. This means that the majority are proud to do the job and take on the responsibility of your company security with alacrity.

If you’re looking to outsource your security by hiring a static security guard then come and speak to M A Services Group. We’ve been in the security industry for many years and are skilled in supplying the right guards for you. Contact us on 1300 020 406 today and put us to the test.

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