Electronic Security: Meaning, Importance & Devices

Electronic Security Solution - MA Services Group When you’ve been considering security measures for your home or business you’ve likely come across the term ‘electronic security‘. So what exactly does this mean. Let’s take a closer look:

It’s a very broad term which is generally applied to all manner of systems and devices which in some way or another are

  • electronic; and
  • used for security purposes.

With regard to electronic security that is provided by a security company then typically the reference is to a type of security system that operates electronically. Some of the most common devices used include:

Access control systems

These are often used in banks and offices to restrict access to certain areas for designated personnel only. They may be rooms that contain confidential information that is strictly off bounds for the majority of staff or other areas which contain sensitive data. They can only be entered by swiping a card through a reader which then opens the door.

CCTV cameras

Closed-circuit television cameras are widely used across all manner of industries to provide security and can be used internally and externally. Not only do they act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and burglars, but in addition, they give staff and homeowners more reassurance that they are safe on the premises. In the event of criminal activity occurring, footage from the CCTV videotapes can be used as evidence. A top quality CCTV camera also has night vision to enable 24-hour surveillance.

Automated alarms

This type of alarm can be used in many different areas and is usually placed at points deemed to be at threat of intrusion or theft. Should an automated alarm be set off then in most cases it links directly to a police station or security company who can then take the necessary action.

Electronic security typically involves some element of human involvement which is why most security companies also offer monitoring services. This usually means a security firm providing 24-hour surveillance for your CCTV camera which can be on or off-site. The surveillance can be carried out from the security company’s own control room or some customers prefer to install their own control room and have monitoring services on site.

Why use electronic security?

This type of service is highly efficient and much cheaper than employing full-time security guards. Moreover, it helps avoid risk to human life. A reputable security provider can conduct a thorough examination of the nature and location of premises and can offer advice as to the type of electronic security devices best suited to protect your property and where to place them. Other options such as night vision cameras, HD cameras, and recording footage all contribute to bettering the security system.

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