What To Look For When Hiring A Body Guard

People who are most likely to need the services of a body guard are usually VIP’s, socialites, politicians, or those who are influential in some form or another; as such it’s not uncommon for them to have competitors and opposites who would have little hesitation in threatening them for whatever reasons. Therefore if you need a body guard for this type of role it’s important to make sure that you choose the right security company for your needs.


When you need VIP security for an event, close protection, or a personal body guard, your first concern is knowing that you can trust the guards that you’re hiring. Choosing the right people for the job is the most important step in this industry and choosing a trustworthy, well trained guard could be the difference between life and death! The right body guard service should be able to meet all of your exacting security needs which means they should at best be offering the following:
  • Security planning – The security team should put together a plan of protection for you and discuss this thoroughly with you. This way both you and your team should know at all times where and how the security team is working to maximise efficiency.
  • Solutions for your security needs – A good security company understands that every client has unique security needs and for this reason the solution they are suggesting should fit the criteria that has been given to them. Naturally the client knows more about potential dangers to them than the bodyguard, so once an initial security plan has been proposed, the security team should work towards client recommendations and prioritise their concerns.
  • Professional work ethic – the essence of good security is that the client feels comfortable around the security team and that their presence isn’t overly obtrusive. It should include professional people who can be discreet and give you the required level of security, while seemingly merging into the background.
  • Trustworthy and friendly – If people aren’t used to close protection then it can often make them feel uncomfortable. However, a good body guard service knows the importance of being friendly and trustworthy to put their clients at ease, after all if a client doesn’t feel they can trust the security service then there’s little point in hiring them.


Good security companies have teams of professionals with years of experience and with proper background checks having been carried out on their staff. They’re taught to be friendly and considerate of your personal needs while providing a level of protection that you feel comfortable with. To hire one of the most reputable security/body guard services in Australia call MA Security Group today on 03 9339 3500.

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