What Are The Top Security Challenges In Shopping Centres?

In a fast-moving and modern world, consumers always look for convenience. When we talk about shopping centres, we usually think about big brands selling their products, the game zone for kids, food courts, etc., all under one roof! Most of the consumers barely even notice the security arrangements at the shopping centres, and some even complain about it. For most of the retail business owners running a store, the security of all the customers is paramount as the place gets crowded quite often.
Security Company who is specialised in Retail security can be the best option in such case. The security company will help you to control the following challenges Let’s take a look.

Security Camera System (CCTV) at Shopping Centre


It is hard to forget the terrorist attack on 21st September 2013, in the Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi, Kenya, when four masked men attacked innocent civilians. This attack shook the entire world, and especially retail businesses. It is, therefore, necessary to have security measures for the safety of the patrons that visit your shopping centres.


A place like shopping centres acts as a magnet for thieves. There are a lot of well-known brands selling their expensive jewellery, watches, perfumes, etc. As these items are valuable, thieves are always looking out for opportunities.

You can deny them this chance by setting up security checks at every entry and exit point of the shopping centres. Be sure to set up CCTV cameras as well for better access to the activities.


Vandalism can happen due to various issues like riots or any other anti-social activities. Shopping centres become an easy target for mobs hell-bent on creating chaos.

To prevent the losses arising from vandalism, make sure that you have CCTVs installed to record the incident, which may help at the time of claiming insurance.


A crowded place like shopping centres can lead to altercations between two or more people. You can avoid it by deploying security guards/personnel at places like entertainment hubs, gaming zones, and food courts.

Missing Persons

It is easy for small children to get lost in crowded places like shopping centres if the family is not attentive. Access control systems like CCTVs coupled with security personnel/guards and protocols can help locate a lost child within minutes.

Medical Emergencies:

Time and again, shopping centres have seen their share of medical emergencies. It is necessary to keep a first-aid kit available for anyone to access. An ambulance should also be readily available with medical professionals for a worst-case scenario.

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