What are some of the effective office cleaning procedures?

In our previous blog, you read about the services included in office cleaning. In this blog, you’ll get to know about the cleaning procedures carried out by a commercial cleaning company in an office. 
Most of us work in an office and would want a hygienic workspace. So, to avoid the spread of germs and infections, it is necessary to keep the office clean. Cleaning the office is not an easy task and can take a lot of time and resources. That’s why most companies choose to use the expertise of a commercial cleaning company
Read on to know more about the typical but effective cleaning procedures that a commercial cleaning company like MA Services Group follows for a superior client experience. 

Clean Office

Preparing Office for Cleaning:

Before cleaning the office, it is necessary to prepare for the procedures. The cleaning staff must clean all the surfaces to avoid spreading the germs from one place to another. A clean office keeps the employees healthy and increases their productivity at work. 
As a first step to clean the office, remove the items on the desks. Doing this will not cause any hindrance to the dusting activity. The second step is to vacuum the carpet till it looks clean. The next step is to clean the windows and disinfect them. Cleaning the window prevents bacteria or fungi from building upon them while they’re open. The final step involves wiping the walls using an anti-bacterial solution.


Sanitization is a crucial step in the cleaning process especially, keeping the current situation in mind. 
While the sanitization is in process, it is necessary to keep the ‘Closed for Cleaning’ signs visible. It will help people know that cleaning is in progress and they need to be careful. It is also equally important to use a cleaning solution that will kill germs and bacteria. 
To keep the office clean, you should have a sufficient supply of cleaning material available.

Daily Cleaning Procedures:

Daily cleaning is performed every day at the office after office hours. The objective of this procedure is to keep the workstation clean. The other tasks involve removing garbage from the garbage cans, clean hard surfaces with a wet cloth, and then cleaning it with a dry cloth.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures:

At the end of the week, cleaning procedures include vacuuming all carpets and rugs in the office, dusting the furniture, and cleaning windows. 

Monthly Cleaning Procedures:

The monthly cleaning procedures will be extensive as compared to daily and weekly cleaning procedures. It will include:

  • Using a disinfectant spray across the office
  • Cleaning office toilets with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Extensive cleaning of restrooms etc.,

    These are just some of the procedures included in the office cleaning activities. If you want to know more about us and the commercial cleaning services we provide, why not call the team on 1300 020 406.