Why Prevention Is The Best Form Of Security

You could argue that there are two forms of security and they are ‘preventative‘ security and ‘reactive‘ security. While preventative security focuses on danger avoidance, reactive security is more about containing a breach of security. In other words damage limitation. The problem with this type of security is that it can be expensive.

Security guard at entrance of Moomba festival

So aside from the facts listed above, why is preventative security better? Let’s take a look.

Danger avoidance

In the main, dangers or criminal activity don’t send out a warning signal. Because we live in a world where threats are high, a security presence in any form should in theory act as a deterrent. There’s a strong chance that criminals won’t focus their exploits on a security guarded area and instead are more likely to go for the softer, unguarded target.

Helps you to become more security conscious

Whether protection comes in the form of gated security personnel on a development where you might live, or corporate security at your workplace, it gives those being protected a feeling of safety. However, at the same time, it can also promote an air of vigilance and a higher consciousness about the threat of criminal activity which in itself is no bad thing. Feeling this way tends to make those being protected more alert and open to the possibilities of crime. 

On the flip side, you could argue that those who live or work without the presence of physical security, tend to become more relaxed and blasé about
crime and criminal activity and more often than not this make for the perfect target. 

So Just how do you make your security all about prevention?

Be informed

The most important factors about preventative security is to be informed. If you understand the security issues that could occur and are aware of them then you can put plans in place to prevent them from happening. After all, forearmed is forewarned, right?

Be prepared

Like any good boy scout, great security is all about preparation and planning. Ask yourself what you could do to prevent a security breach or any given criminal activity and then look to act on it. This might mean conducting a security assessment in the workplace or beefing up your security at home. In fact, when it comes to successful preventative security, the devil is almost always in the detail.

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