Concierge Security – The Friendly Face Of The Security Industry

When you think of a
security guard you might picture a big beefy guy in uniform sporting
an intimidating demeanour. While this may be true for certain
industries, others need their guards to be a little more friendly, a
little more business like, and dare we say it….a little more
professional. Welcome to the world of concierge security!

Nowadays there are a
wide range of businesses that require their staff to be more than
just a security guard. Instead companies might also require their
security personnel to look after the needs of their customers. This
is epitomised by the concierge security guard. You’ll usually find
them dressed in a smart business suit rather than a dark uniform and
they are normally positioned at a front desk or entranceway, just as
the concierge in a hotel would be. Similarly they’re expected to help
customers and have an excellent telephone manner, so a high level of
customer service training is necessary. Why is this important?
Because more often than not, the concierge is the first person that a
client or customer meets and as a result they need to represent your
business in the best possible way. We guess you could say that they
represent modern-day sophisticated security.

How do you know if
you need concierge security?

If your business is
image orientated and you have customers and clients who fall in with
this ideology then a concierge security guard is perfect for you.
After all you probably wouldn’t hire a member of your team that
doesn’t fit in with your image, so why would you hire a security
guard that lacks a smart demeanour and a welcoming friendly face?
Instead they should have the knowledge of a highly skilled member of
your customer services team, but in addition they also have the skill
set of a security expert. They should be trained to react to any
given security breach or situation, but will do it in a calm
professional way with finesse and flair.

The bottom line is that
concierge security personnel have the ability to calm situations
where uniformed guards might put people on edge. It’s common for
people to feel like they’ve done something wrong when confronted by a
uniformed security guard, but when approached by a non-uniformed
friendly person they’re far more likely to feel much more at ease.

If you feel that your
business might need concierge security or you’d like to find out more
information then contact MA Security. We supply a wide variety of
security personnel across an extensive range of industries including
concierge security, so why not give us a call on 1300 020 406
and discuss your needs with us.

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