The Importance Of Physical Security In A Cyber Age

In a world of computer
hacking, viruses, Trojans and spyware, businesses are understandably
placing more emphasis on beefing up their cyber security protocols.
However, because of this, the need for good old fashioned physical
security is often overlooked. The point is that unlike the majority
of cyber crime, physical breaches in security can often be carried
out with little or zero technical knowledge on the part of the
perpetrator. For this reason the protection of property, assets, and
employees are just as important.

So what exactly does
physical security entail?

In essence physical
security is the protection of people and goods from physical
circumstances and/or events that may otherwise cause serious losses
or damage. What’s more it’s made up of 3 main components. These are:


Obstacles can be
utilised to prevent damage to people assets and property. These
include a wide array of objects including fencing, walls, gates and
locks; and also includes a variety of objects used in the protection
of personnel against accidents and environmental disasters. These
include sprinkler systems (in the case of fire), machine safety
guards for heavy cutting equipment, and workable fire doors in the
event of an evacuation.

Notification and

The second component in
physical security is surveillance and notification equipment. This
includes alarm systems such as intruder, burglar, smoke alarms, and
heat sensors. It can also include emergency lighting to illuminate
pathways in the event of a blackout. Finally surveillance equipment
such as CCTV systems and motion detection or sensor lighting can all
help to deter and capture unusual movement.

Planning and

These are methods that
are put in place by security personnel in the event of an incident.
Because of prior planning and training a security guard should know
exactly what to do in order to exact the best and safest possible
outcome. Whether that means to monitor and eventually detain a
burglar or criminal, or to initiate and co-ordinate a full scale
evacuation of a building, planning and training are a crucial and
final element that makes up the 3 main components of physical

The point to take away
here is that yes, businesses need to take control of their cyber
security as cyber theft and cyber crime in general is on the rise,
but not at the expense of physical security.

If you’d like to find
out just how secure your business is why not talk to us about a
security audit. At MA Security we have years of experience within the
industry and can help your business by pinpointing the weak areas of
your physical and cyber security and suggesting ways to strengthen
them. Call us on 1300 020 406 and
start the ball rolling towards getting your security under control
before it’s too late 

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