Planning A Street Event – Top Tips On Security

While event planners
have always been aware of the need for security at special events,
the war against terrorism has created a more pressing need to review
plans to protect both life and property. In the past, the main
concerns were with crowd control, food hygiene, alcohol consumption,
and preventing traffic congested roads. These days, however, event
planners need to consider the very real threat of terrorist attacks,
including bombs as well as chemical and biological assaults. Although
the odds of such an attack may be very small, you can’t brush it
under the carpet and fail to make plans in case the unthinkable
should happen.

Set up a security

Most street events are
relatively low key and require limited security planning. That said,
pre-planning to ensure a greater level of security is practical and
necessary. Whether your event is a one off, or one that regularly
features on the calendar , make sure that you have taken all adequate
precautions to ensure the safety of all concerned. Be sure to set up
a security committee who will be responsible for this part of the
event planning. This needs to include police, fire, and emergency
response personnel. As your plans move along, be sure to keep these
officials in the picture.

Carry out a risk

It’s important to carry
out a risk assessment on every element of your street event. For
example, if you’re expecting large crowds what are the risks? How can
you protect such a large gathering? Do you have easy access for
emergency vehicles? Consider the small things too, such as whether
there are sufficient trash cans in the vicinity.

Consider potential
targets for attack

As you move on with
your risk assessment consider who could be a potential target for
attack. Are you expecting any prominent public figures to be present?
Will a military band be performing? Does your event have links with
any controversial groups? Coordinate your security plans with anyone
who has responsibility for the security of these individuals or
groups. If you feel certain areas may be outside of your scope, then
consider hiring a specialist security company.

Check your insurance

Take a look at your
insurance coverage. While certain local council liability policies
may cover your event, check to see what risks and activities are
mentioned. Take a close look at event policies and contracts, in
particular clauses related to cancellations, conditions, and changes.
Consider such types of insurance as loss or damage to property,
medical and accident, reduced attendance, and cancellation for
circumstances beyond your control.

Communication is key

Communication is key,
not just between the organisers, staff, and emergency personnel. but
the attendees also. Having a public address system at the event could
be critical to communicate plans to evacuate or other public
information. Whoever is chosen to communicate with the public should
have a calm demeanour.

If you need help with
controlling your event or would like to book us as security, then
contact MA Services Group on 03 9994 4107. We’ve been helping large
and small scale events with security and crowd control for many years
and have the experience necessary to make all the difference.

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