Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Private Security Guard

Making the decision to hire a private security guard isn’t one that’s taken lightly. After all, you’re placing all of your trust in a company that you know relatively little about, to ensure that no harm comes to your property, possessions, and loved ones, so you have to be sure that you’ve made the right choice. To help you find the right private security guard for your particular needs, there are a few important questions you need to ask.

Do you have a license?

The Licensing and Regulation Division which makes up part of the Victoria police force controls and regulates the private security industry in Victoria. Therefore any individual or company offering a private security service must be in possession of a private security license or be registered by the Victoria Police Department. Hiring a person who is unlicensed could put you in breach of the law, so always ask to see the company or individual’s license or registration.

Do you have any references that I could see?

Typically as with most professions, word of mouth is the best way of hiring a private security guard. If you’ve asked around without success then at least be sure to ask the company itself if they can provide some references from previous clients. No decent private security company should have a problem with giving the names of people that you can contact. If they do seem a little cagey then move on to the next company on your shortlist.

Are they professional?

This really is a question that you should be asking yourself. Do they appear outwardly to be professional? Do they look clean and smart? If you’re seeking a quote are they asking you for further details and making the relevant notes? If they conduct themselves in a professional manner and appear to have come fully prepared for the meeting and able to answer all of your questions without any hesitation, then it would seem that they care about the image that they’re projecting. If on the other hand they look scruffy in dirty jeans and a T-shirt and stumble over answers to your questions, then you’re probably best to look elsewhere.

Are they really cheap?

Just because they give a low price doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re no good but if they seem to be seriously undercutting all other quotes that you’ve received, then you may have cause for concern. It could be that they’re keeping costs down by not providing guards who have the relevant skills and experience, or it could be that they don’t have insurance. Either way, you need to make it your business to find out.

What do you get for your money?

Finally, be sure that you know exactly what services you’re getting for your money. Ask to see a detailed break-down of all the services that you’ve asked them to provide together with the appropriate costs. This way both parties know just what’s covered in the contract.

We’ve been involved in the security industry for many years and have worked with a wide variety of clients over a diverse range of industries. We’re perfectly happy to give you a free no-obligation quote and to provide references too. If you’ve got an up and coming project that you need private security to cover, then give us a call, we’d love to help. Call MA Services Group on 03 9339 3500 to see just what we can do for you.

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