Securing Your Buildings And Property Using Three Levels Of Protection

While much emphasis is
placed on cybercrime and virtual security, many companies forget the
need for physical security. In reality businesses often need both.
The physical security aspect addresses the need to protect buildings,
property, and the physical assets held within; so when designing a
physical security program it’s important to examine three levels of
protection. Let’s take a closer look.

Outer perimeter

Defined by your
property boundaries the main goal of outer perimeter security is to
maintain control of entry into a particular premises. This may be
through something as simple as a locked gate or fencing or by using a
security guard to control entry; or alternatively it might be
something as complex as an intricate alarmed system. Either way the
idea is to make it as difficult as possible for those with less than
good intentions to enter any premises at will.

Good outer perimeter
security should also entail reducing the number of badly lit or dark
areas. For obvious reasons burglars and vandals would prefer to carry
out their business undetected and any dark recesses or natural areas
where they can hide are a bonus. Therefore business owners should
look to invest in perimeter lighting to brighten up any darkly lit
recesses and corners, making it more difficult for people to partake
in criminal activity.

Inner perimeter

This is primarily the
doors, windows, and walls of your premises and by making sure that
they are locked and secure, it’s more likely to reduce the
possibility of illegal entry. Again this can be accomplished very
simply by placing locks on windows and doors or something more
technical like an electronic access control system. If you don’t want
to employ a permanent security guard, a cost effective alternative
would be to utilise a mobile patrol. This way security personnel can
still carry out door and window checks at regular intervals
throughout non-working hours, except this time, you’re not paying for
someone to be permanently on site.

Interior security

Finally don’t forget
your interior security. This might include installing internal CCTV
cameras or using motion detectors. Some companies or buildings also
have a dedicated security guard situated in the foyer/reception area
where they can control entry and carry out internal sweeps checking
for open doors and windows and maintaining basic office security.

If you consider all
three levels of protection when planning your physical premises
security then you’ll be far better prepared against those who are
looking to commit crime. If you’d like further information on how you
can better protect your business then contact MA Security. As well as
providing experienced security personnel we can also carry out
security risk assessments highlighting any security weaknesses and
making recommendations of where they can be enhanced. To find out
more contact us on 1300 202 406 today and start the
ball rolling towards better business protection                  

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