In-House Security Vs Outsourcing Security

Security Guards PatrolingThe majority of companies tend to focus on their core business and outsource other tasks related to their business which falls outside of their expertise, and this includes security. However, there are still many companies who prefer to hire their own security in-house than to outsource to a third party. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced security:

Advantages of hiring your own security officers

  • Some companies opt to select, train, and supervise their own security guards which, while considered an advantage, can also be costly if recruiting and training falls outside of your core business tasks and/or work experience. Another thing to consider is that although your company security manager may have more control over his security guards, his time may be taken up with supervising the guards causing him to be distracted from his role of overseeing the bulk of the company’s employees and customers and generally improving the company’s security program.
  • Hiring your own security staff, as opposed to bringing in guards picked by a third party who may be considered as “outsiders”, creates more of a direct relationship between the company and the security officers. This can even make the officers feel more loyal. Similarly, the rest of the employees are likely to view the security officers as one of them. On the downside of this, long-serving security officers could become more loyal to the other employees than the company, which in turn could cause a conflict of interest when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations, or if an employee is accused of any wrongdoing.
  • Hiring your own security officers can mean you’re assured of more reliable service. For example, the same officers will be reporting to work every day whereas with outsourcing the security company may assign different officers according to their requirements elsewhere. This in turn can cause a lack of consistency since new security officers won’t “know the ropes” in the same way as regular officers.
    However, if you don’t have a recruitment program in place when you hire your own security officers and they want to move on, you’ll be tasked with finding a replacement whereas this will never be a problem when outsourcing security officers.

Disadvantages of hiring your own security officers

Hiring your own security officers is likely to cost more than outsourcing when compared to a monthly contracted fee for the same security requirements given to an outsourced company. For instance:

  • When hiring full-time security officers you will have to factor in the cost of employee taxes, holiday pay, benefits, annual raises, overtime not to mention relief when a security officer has a day off. In addition, there is the cost of recruiting, carrying out background checks, training, uniforms, and equipment. An outsourced company will provide all of these things regularly at a lower cost.
  • Outsourced companies will already have a stock of security equipment and systems which they provide to their customers for manned guarding.
    This is necessary for emergency situations and for providing evidence of any events. These are all upfront costs for a security company who will absorb these expenses over a longer period of time at cost savings to their customers.
  • Outsourced guarding means that more guards can be bought in at VIP events or short term threats, to boost security. Hiring in-house does not allow for that flexibility.
  • Outsourced guards are also more accountable since not only do they have to adhere to your company rules and regulations but they also have to answer to their own security company. Actions, reports, and logs are closely scrutinised by both you and the security company, making for better service overall.
  • Spreading risk and liability – This is one of the main reasons for outsourcing your security. Companies that hire their security officers in the house are responsible for selecting, training, and supervising the officers and liable for their actions or lack of appropriate action during incidents and emergencies. A company that outsources will find their insurance premiums and claims are considerably reduced and this saving alone can often offset the cost
    of outsourcing security.
  • Terminating a security officer who for whatever reason doesn’t work out can be a lengthy process, whereas an outsourced guard who doesn’t fit in, can easily be replaced with just a phone call to the outsourcing company.
  • Finally, most security companies have only one main focus and that’s security. All of their efforts and costs go into training their officers, providing uniforms, making sure they have been background checked, and are fully equipped. In addition, the management team have various security backgrounds and can communicate with their customers in order to provide the most cost-effective security solutions.

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