Mobile Security Patrols – How They Can Help Protect Your Business

While there is definite
value to be had in utilising alarms, CCTV, and a comprehensive
security system for your business you might wonder why you need
mobile security?

In essence it brings
that essential human element to your security and as such acts as
that final padlock of protection that your business needs.
Unfortunately without this final element, a motivated thief will
find a way of breaking into your business and stealing from you.
That’s the cold hard truth!
While this isn’t meant
to scare you in any way it’s important to highlight the real benefits
that an added layer of protection in the form of a mobile patrol can
bring to your business. Let’s take a closer look.

External mobile patrols
work best when combined with internal static security. This way
potential thieves soon know that your premises is too hot to
contemplate because it’s being watched from every possible front.

Mobile patrols can use
covert vehicles if necessary which are capable of carrying out
irregular visits to your premises. This not only gives your security
an element of stealth, it also gives it the element of surprise.
Therefore even if a burglar is mapping out movements looking to find
an ideal time to carry out any breaking and entering, mobile security
makes it very difficult to do so.

Mobile security also
gives peace of mind. If for instance you’re away from your business
for any length of time, regular patrols can keep your business safe
even when you’re not around.

External patrols are
also trained to highlight problem areas in your security. Whether
this is broken fencing, poor lighting, employees leaving windows open
at night, or unlocked doors, security guards can spot the problem and
bring it to your attention. Without their presence you might not even
realise you have weakened security until it becomes all too clear
after a break in. in addition if the security issue is too much of a
problem to leave, most security teams are trained to deal with the
issue there and then so that the security of your premises doesn’t
become compromised.

So there you have it.
Mobile security patrols and how they can protect your business. Here
at MA security we help business and people with a wide variety of
security from crowd control and static guarding trough to concierge
security and mobile patrols. If you’re looking to make your business
safer contact us on 1300 020 406 for a free, no
obligation competitive quote today.

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