Let’s Get Back To Basics – What Is A Security System And How Does It Function?

Security systems are
used to protect a number of assets, items, and people from criminal
activity and can be wired up either to the home or at a business
premises. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be as
sophisticated or as simple as you like. Because of this costs can
vary considerably.

In essence they work on
the same principle by securing vulnerable entry points such as
windows and doors as well as any interior/exterior space that
contains valuables or assets. They function through a network of two
or more integrated electronic devices which are linked into a
centralised control panel normally situated just inside a main
entranceway. These devices may or may not include door/window
sensors, exterior and/or interior motion sensors, wireless or wired
security cameras. The idea is that when anyone of these devices are
disturbed by movement it registers back at the centralised panel,
where an alarm is then triggered which omits that familiar high
pitched sound. All alarms can be activated and deactivated from the
centralised panel usually utilising a code format. However more
technically advanced equipment may also use finger prints, voice
commands, and even facial/retinal scans for identification.

So what happens when
an alarm is activated?

Most alarm systems (but
not all) are linked into a security company who will be notified as
soon as an alarm is triggered. They will either contact a member of
the household/retail outlet or company premises to make them aware
that an alarm has been breached, or they will respond themselves. In
most cases custodians or owners are met at the premises by the
security company, where they will enter cautiously together. In cases
where a false alarm occurs, then the premises is secured once more
after a thorough check and the alarm is reset. Conversely if there
are signs of a break in, then the alarm will be deactivated and the
security company or the premises owner can call the police who will
take the appropriate action.

The importance of
entry signs and window stickers

On the surface of it,
entry signs and window stickers may seem like nothing more than a
marketing tool for the alarm company, whereas in truth they play an
important role in security. When you place a window or entry sticker
in a prominent position, you’re sending out a warning to a burglar
that your premises is alarmed and it therefore wouldn’t be a wise
choice to attempt to gain entry. In many cases burglars are
opportunists and if they spot an opportunity, then they normally
won’t hesitate. In the case of an alarmed building, they may think

The good news is that
you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money on a sophisticated
alarm security system and they can be purchased for a reasonable
amount. At MA Security, as well as providing security personnel for a
wide variety of industries, events and people, we also design and fit
alarm systems to suit your personal or business needs. Why not
contact us on 1300 020 406 and let our experienced team help you.

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