Learn How To Become More Security Conscious

In a world where we’re
regularly hearing of people who have fallen victim to crime it’s even
more important that all of us take security more seriously. It’s no
longer sufficient to just pay someone to provide security instead,
it’s up to each and everyone of us to play our own role in security.
By being security conscious it can help you avoid situations which
could leave you open to danger. It’s important to remember that
criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated and cunning, so it’s
vital that everyone takes care. We’ve put together several ways a
person can improve their security awareness whether they’re at home,
at work, or in transit.

Don’t be predictable

Most criminals are
opportunists and look for the easiest targets to attack. This means
that often they’ll study their potential victims and get to know
their habits, so when the time is right they can strike. If you
happen to be a creature of habit who always does the same things at
the same time on the same days, then in their eyes you’re an
extremely easy target. Instead, identify any areas of your life where
you tend to follow a routine, and shake things up a bit. Randomness
is a plus and any changes you make will make it harder for criminals.

Keep it zipped

Be careful about the
information you give to other people. You never know just who is
within earshot when you’re talking about new equipment you’ve just
taken delivery of or a flashy piece of jewellery that you’ve just
bought for your wife. Keep conversations with strangers on neutral
territory, never giving away any personal information. By talking to
the wrong people you can open up your home or business to danger.
Public places are the favourite haunts for criminals seeking useful
information, so make sure you don’t provide them with anything.
Remember when you’re speaking on your mobile phone in a public place,
people all around can hear your conversation. So keep it zipped and
only give confidential information to people you trust.

Keep your records up
to date

It’s important at all
times to keep records of your belonging and assets slap bang up to
date. After all if you fail to do this, then how will you know that
something is missing? By having a full inventory of your stock or
household inventory, it helps to guard against theft and other
criminal actions. Owners of businesses often fail to notice in-house
theft for the simple reason that they don’t have their finger on the
pulse when it comes to accountability. Keeping track of money and
possessions, means you know immediately when something goes missing.
Never place too much trust on other people to do this for you.

Don’t stay too late

Walking to your car at
late hours can attract unwanted attention. Also avoid walking alone
in a strange neighbourhood. If you have to work late then make sure
someone accompanies you home or that you take a taxi direct to your

No matter how security
conscious you are things can and do happen. Talk to a security
company who can give more advice regarding your particular security
needs and also make sure you have sufficient insurance in place to
minimise any losses.

If you need help to be
more security conscious then have a chat with MA Services Group. We
can provide static guards or concierge, train your own security
staff, and offer advice regarding alarm systems and CCTV cameras for
your premises. Call us today on 03 9994 4107 to find out how we can
help you.

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