How To Improve Industrial Security to Prevent Theft

plant theftPlant theft continues to be a concern for industrial businesses and is forcing up the cost of insurance. Criminals who target plant and equipment typically plan their crimes weeks in advance having sourced locations where sites are unmanned and vulnerable.

Equipment criminals often steal

  • Excavators and diggers
  • Generators
  • Tools
  • Surveillance systems
  • Pressure washers
  • Metals
  • Lawnmowers
  • Landscaping materials

If you’ve suffered plant theft in the past or want to ensure your site is not targeted and that no criminals gain access, then there are certain things you can do to strengthen your security.

What you can do to stop thieves

Secure gates and fences

Invest in strong durable fencing which will minimise the chance of trespassers gaining access to your site during the day or night. There are several types of fencing and gates to choose from with popular ones including anti-climb paint and barbed wire hoarding.

Effective lighting

Keeping lights on in your building when it is unoccupied and investing in movement sensitive lighting create a sense that your site is occupied consistently and being watched. Also, lighting around the perimeter of your buildings or fences will also give you a clear view of anyone attempting to get in.


Barcode labelling and tracking devices make it easier for you to spot if any equipment is taken by thieves. This type of technology uses satellite and GPS devices to locate the whereabouts of your stolen equipment. Do make sure that the tracker or bar code is not detachable or easily noticeable as thieves have been known to remove them and get away with their crime.

Alarm systems  

Fitting an alarm that’s linked to a security company will also help catch people looking to enter your building without permission. When it’s activated, an alert will be sent to the security company who will respond as quickly as possible.

Paint equipment unusual colours

Another good idea to help prevent plant theft is to try painting your equipment an unappealing colour such as purple or pink. Usually, equipment that is an unusual colour sells for less, which may deter criminals. This tact is ideal for large equipment that sits outside for a long period on an industrial site.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras continue to be a popular form of security for almost every type of premise. Not only do they provide 24-hour surveillance but can also be used as evidence in court. Make sure they’re placed up high and that their view is not obscured by trees or other buildings.

Warning sign and posters

Posters and signs clearly warning intruders of the consequences of trespassing, damaging or stealing equipment, and that the site is being monitored by CCTV and security alarms, should also be displayed close to entrances and exits and in various places on your site.

Regular inspection checks help prevent plant theft

Ensure regular inspections are carried out to check that all stock, equipment and valuables are accounted for. This will ensure that you don’t miss the signs that someone is stealing from your site.

Password protection

Use strong passwords for site access points and computer devices. You could even install fingerprint identification software so only verified employees can gain entry.

ID Checks

All employees should also be issued with an ID card. This way it’s easy to check that everyone who enters your premises is a legitimate employee. Make sure that any visitors are issued with a temporary ID card and signed into a logbook when they arrive and leave.


There are plenty of security restraints and immobilisation systems which can prevent equipment and machinery from being moved. Tracks and wheels, excavator and crane booms, steering mechanisms and stabiliser legs are all ways to stop the mechanics from moving. Immobilisation systems can be activated with a keypad, key fob, or transponder keys.

Industrial security guards

Industrial security guards provide the ultimate protection against plant theft by utilising a physical deterrent and can respond instantly to any threat. Security staff can operate as mobile or manned guards and carry out security patrols at any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

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