7 Duties of a Mobile Security Guard

Cars By MA Services Group For Mobile PatrolingAustralia is viewed as one of the safest countries in the world and yet break-ins and robberies take place every day. Does anyone want the worry of being robbed? We’d say not.

Quite often we can get help from technology to protect our assets from being invaded. But there really is no better deterrent than an actual security guard equipped with experience, technology, and expertise.

Mobile patrol guards, as they’re also known, give people peace of mind that their assets are safe.

So what do they do to ensure our assets are protected? Well. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Patrol, inspect, and monitor

    Mobile security guards make sure personnel and premises are safe by regularly patrolling the property, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting access points, allowing or refusing entry, and providing a rapid alarm response – this is crucial.

  2. Control traffic

    Mobile patrol guards also control traffic by issuing instructions to drivers. Their role is also to investigate traffic accidents and give drivers assistance when necessary.

  3. Loss prevention security

    – They prevent loss and damage by informing any violators of procedures and policies, reporting any non-conformities, and ultimately restraining anyone caught trespassing.

  4. Detain

    – A mobile patrol guard also has the right to issue citations and warnings or to detain an individual who has committed an offence. They are obliged to complete all necessary reports relating to the circumstances.

  5. Maintain equipment

    – Mobile guards also make sure their equipment is operational by carrying out preventive maintenance requirements. They follow the manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshoot where necessary and call for repairs.

  6. Anticipate

    – A mobile security guard doesn’t just wait for something to happen. Instead, they act proactively by carrying out regular patrols and inspections and undertaking security measures that help prevent damage, burglary, and other misbehaviour.

  7. Protect reputation

    – Mobile patrol guards enhance an organisation’s reputation by making employees, visitors, and customers feel valued and safe.

While we’ve mentioned the 7 duties of a mobile security guard, every situation is unique, and every premise has its own requirements. It’s vital, therefore that mobile patrol guards can adapt and carry out the correct activities to ensure the safety of everyone and everything.

Mobile patrolling is a convenient alternative to static guarding that allows security guards to perform regular inspections of your premises at varying but organised times.

If you’d like to know more about what our mobile patrol guards could do for your business, then why not contact MA Services Group on 1300 020 406. Our guards consistently offer a highly professional security service by carrying out their duties efficiently and following the best practices.