Four Top Security Tips To Keep Event Gate Crashers Away

Whether you’re thinking of throwing the party of the year or are one of the ‘official’ guests at such a party, you can rest assured that the obligatory gate crasher is never far behind. They may be the ‘that’s me’ type as they confidently scan your list looking to latch onto a name, or alternatively they may be the sly sneaky type who hides in the shadows waiting for a side door to be left open before they make their move. Either way, they they’re unwanted guests who simply aren’t invited. So just how do you make sure that gate crashers are kept at bay. Here are four top security tips to help.

Make it invite only

If you want to avoid the majority of gatecrashers, then the first thing you’ve really got to do is to make your event invite only. By doing this you’ll deter the majority of those folk simply looking for a ‘free party’ although if they’re determined enough, it probably won’t put off everyone from trying to cadge a free cocktail or two.

Keep it off social media

If you’ve kept the event to invite only then those in the know will already be aware of the date, place and time. Therefore you really don’t need to blast it all over the social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you do, just be aware that you just might be advertising your event to more people than you think.

Use scannable badges

In this day and age of high-tech gadgetry, a great precaution you might want to use is scannable badges. Tickets, wristbands and even hand stamps can all be faked easily, but if you create a scannable badge using a QR code they’re much harder for would-be event crashers to copy, unless of course they were really serious about getting into your event..

Bring in event security

If you’re serious about your event going to plan then you really should have some sort of event security. No matter how small the event a professional security company can see to it that your event goes by without a hitch. Even if there is a breach of security they’ll have the knowledge and the skills to be able to deal with the situation long before it escalates, thus making for a stress free event for the host, namely you! What’s more security companies often act as a deterrent for many gate crashers who might think twice before confronting a professional.

So there you have it. 4 great tips for keeping gate crashers at bay.

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