Exploring The Benefits of Having A Security Guard At Your Premises

Even as a small
business you have to consider the reality that thefts and other
crimes can occur on your premises. OK, some businesses such as banks,
retail stores, and convenience stores may be more at risk from
targeted crime and petty thieves, but nevertheless a wide selection
of businesses choose to hire a security guard. Before making the
decision whether or not to hire a security guard, let’s take a look
at the benefits.

Sense of security

Knowing there’s a
security guard on-site can give peace of mind and a feeling of safety
both to the business owner as well as employees and customers.
Employees in high risk areas get more work done when their personal
safety isn’t playing on their mind. It also lets customers know that
you’re prepared to take steps to ensure their safety, which can be
very important if you happen to sell high retail merchandise.


Just the presence of a
security guard on-site can prevent crime from occurring. Thieves will
be more inclined to target a business that has no visible signs of
security rather than one with a guard on site. Trained security
guards will recognise suspicious activity and can quickly assess the
situation and react to any breach of security. A guard is also more
of a visual deterrent than a static CCTV camera.

Concierge security

Concierge security
combines the duties of a security guard with that of a receptionist,
which makes for a cost effective solution to both positions. It means
that the concierge guard can meet and greet visitors, take in
parcels, and generally be a visual presence who also happens to be a
trained guard. He can also escort customers or employees to their
cars after dark.


Not all security guards
spend their time patrolling a business property. They may be employed
to monitor video surveillance, check for contraband, restrict access
to certain areas, and check credentials. They may also have specific
tasks such as opening and closing a business at the end of the day,
looking out for shoplifters, or patrolling the grounds at night. All
of these duties take a lot of weight from the shoulders of the
business owner or employees.

Handling crime

Security guards often
receive different levels of training when it comes to handling crime.
Some may simply contact the police and take down details whereas
others may be trained to detain suspects. It’s up to the business
owner to determine whether they want an armed or unarmed guard on
their premises and what procedures should be followed when handling
the suspect should a crime take place. Hiring a guard from a reliable
and reputable company means that the guard will act sensibly and be
capable when faced with any criminal activity on business premises. 

If you’d like to find out more about hiring a security guard or concierge guard then check out the website or call us on 1300 020 406. We’re a professionally managed full service, multi faceted company with many years of experience to our name.  


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