Does Fake Security Signage Really Work?

When it comes to your
home or work premises, there’s no doubt that any form of security is
better than no security at all. Some people even go so far as putting
up fake security signs when they don’t actually have alarm systems or
CCTV cameras on the premises. While this is about as ‘bare bones’ as
security gets, does it actually work? Let’s take a closer look…

On the one hand faking
security signage does have a number of benefits. The first (and
probably the most obvious) being that it’s a lot cheaper than
actually installing a full security system. Signage stickers and
decals with security logos will probably set you back about $20.
What’s more it only takes a few minutes to place them all around your
property or in prominent places and you certainly won’t be breaking
into a sweat.

Finally, there is a
chance that it could actually work. Given that most criminals are
after an easy target they probably won’t fancy the thought of being
confronted by a plethora of alarm systems and CCTV cameras if they
don’t have to, even if they don’t actually exist. Instead they might
look to target somewhere else.

One the other hand, to
any criminal with half a brain your signs may appear unconvincing.
Security companies that sound and/or look false are an easy spot for
the trained or criminal eye so if you are going to go to the trouble
of putting up fake signs, they really need to be as lifelike as

They may even go one
step further, especially if they’re intent on burgling your premises,
and Google the security company on your signs. If they simply don’t
exist then your cover will be blown and you’re going to feel pretty
stupid when you realise that you’re home/business premises has
actually been broken into.

Finally you could land
yourself in a whole heap of legal trouble. There are a ton of legal
ramifications involved in the unauthorised use of copyrighted
material, so before you put up fake signs on your premises make sure
you’re not infringing on a company’s name.

Instead it may be
better to actually install an alarm or CCTV system. Here at MA
Security we can design a security system with your needs and/or
budget in mind. It can be a simple or as complex as you like and
doesn’t have to break the bank. What’s more it will give you complete
peace of mind which unfortunately is something that fake security
signage can’t.

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