Cyber Security – Just How Safe Is Your Business?

While many companies
take action when it comes to protecting their physical assets,
virtual security is often overlooked. This can be a foolhardy mistake
as cyber crime is on the rise. With this in mind, just how do you go
about beefing up your cyber security? Let’s take a closer look.

Restricted access

You might not think
that you have anything worth restricting, but if you manage your
accounts online and you store bank details of personnel in your
employment online – then you undoubtedly hold sensitive information.
For this reason you really should be setting up restricted access to
those personnel only who deal directly with the information.


How many of us are
guilty of using the same passwords for everything? Sure it may be
easier to remember but in that respect it also makes it easier for
any cyber criminal to hack into a wide variety of accounts. Try to
avoid common denominators such as pet names, dates of birth, and
sequential numbers or letters. Also include capitalisations of
letters to make it more difficult for potential hackers. Also don’t
forget to change your password often (once a month is good). Finally,
don’t leave documentation containing those passwords lying around, or
worse still, store them on your desktop. This is akin to leaving your
workplace at night and forgetting to lock the door.

Automatic updates

Companies should look
to turn on all automatic updates for all computerised programs they
use as these will usually contain the latest security updates. This
shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the IT department, but also
the executives within a company as well. Companies need to make sure
they have the most up-to-date protection at all times.

Make everyone

Finally, look to make
everyone accountable. From your part time workers right up to the
company boss, make everyone aware of the risks of cyber-security and
the impact that it might have on basic core functions of the
business. More importantly, make people aware of the steps that they
themselves can take in order to prevent cyber crime from occurring.

At MA Services Group,
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