What Are The Pros and Cons Of Outsourcing Security

With security costs
arguably one of the most expensive necessities in modern business
many companies are looking to cut costs and increase returns.
Outsourcing security can help to do exactly this. While many types of
outsourcing such as call handling and cleaning are considered low
risk, handing over company security duties to another company can be
risky. With this in mind let’s take closer look at the pros and the
cons of hiring a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

The Pros


We’ve already briefly
stated that hiring a third party security company is cost effective
but just how cost effective is it? For a start if you operated an
in-house security team you’re responsible for paying both salaries
and benefits. You’d also have to pay for equipment and day to day
operational running costs. Conversely by outsourcing your security
you’re only going to be paying for the services that you use and
nothing else. No equipment costs, no holiday or sick cover costs, and
no overtime costs.

Superior technology
and equipment

If your business
doesn’t specialise in security it would probably be unfair for anyone
to expect that you invest in the very latest security equipment.
However with a company whose sole business is based around providing
security for companies, there’s a strong chance that they are likely
to invest in the very latest up-to date monitoring, communication,
and protection equipment. Of course, when you outsource your
security, you’re not only going to get the benefit of their
expertise, but their technology and equipment too.

Less hassle

By outsourcing your
security solutions, more often than not it offers a hassle-free
solution. For example when a third party security guard goes sick or
doesn’t turn up, it’s down to the company to sort it out. Instead, if
it were one of your employees, you would have the job of finding a
replacement fast and all the hassle that goes with it.

The Cons


Handing your company’s
security over to someone else can feel like a risk, especially if you
haven’t used the company before. However experienced MSSP’s will have
references from satisfied clients, plus a known reputation and great
track record. Eliminate that risk by hiring a well-established and
experienced company and doing your homework first.

Loss of control

When you pass your
security needs over to an outsourcing company you’re no longer in
charge. Therefore even though most security companies will work
within your requirements and needs, you’ll have to accept the terms
that they purpose. If you like keeping your fingers in pretty much
every pie, then this might be too much of a risk to take. However if
you trust them to carry out a job and let them get on with it, then
it can free up your time, allowing you to focus your attentions on
running and growing your business.

Possible loss of

Although very rare,
some security companies who take on too much work and are short
staffed may mean that you might experience a possible loss of quality
when you hire them. To combat this do your research before hiring.
As you can see,
outsourcing your security needs does have may benefits, if you carry
out your due diligence before making the final decision. Yes
outsourcing your security is a risk, but one that can be managed by
taking the correct actions.


If you’re looking to
outsource your business security needs then contact MA Services
Group. We’ve been providing corporate security services for many
years and overtime have developed a reputation as the name you can
trust. Call us today on 1300 020 406 and speak to our
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