5 Top Security Tips You Really Need To Take On Board For Your Business

They say a business is
only as good as its security and if you think about it, it’s true.
You can’t run a profitable business with poor security because sooner
or later you’ll come unstuck. With this in mind, here are 5 top
security tips you really need to take on board for your business.

Have a checking
procedure in place

When you interview new
personnel for a specific job within your company, do you take their
CV at face value or do you have some sort of a checking procedure in
place? If your answer is the former, did you know that dishonest
employees account for 28% of all inventory losses in Australia.
According to global theft barometer surveys, that equates to a little
over $600 million. By running efficient background checks on all
possible employees it’s easy to see which ones might become a
liability and which ones are more trustworthy.

Schedule time in
monthly shredding

All businesses generate
paperwork, most of which contains personal customer or employee
information which any ‘would be’ criminal would love to get their
hands on. For this reason, your unwanted paperwork needs to be
shredded. It’s far better to schedule this in on a regular basis
before your small pile of old documents turns into a mountain.

Maintain regular
security audits

In order to keep a
closer eye on your stock it might be advisable to maintain regular
audits. Doing so gives you tighter controls and therefore it’s easier
to pinpoint when stock has gone missing; but in addition, if an
unscrupulous employee knows that you regularly carry out audits, they
are going to think twice about stealing from you in the first place.

Restrictive key
holding and entry

Maintaining restrictive
key holding and entry policy is a good way to protect your business.
Locking and unlocking the office should be limited to trusted staff.
In addition don’t give out security passwords for alarms to
unauthorised staff. Even if they seem trustworthy, they’ve only got
to mention it to a friend, who happens to tell another friend…and
the rest is history! Finally to make doubly sure, alarm passwords
should be changed regularly (every month)

Invest in a good
security system

While security systems
won’t stop any hardened criminals it might make them think twice
before targeting your premises. In addition if you have evidence of
any suspicious persons on film, it can be handed over to the police
and used as evidence. While your security system doesn’t have to cost
tens of thousands of dollars, it needs to be sufficient enough to
carry out the job of keeping a watch over your business premises.

If you need any further
advice on how best to protect your business, then contact MA
Security. We can carry out detailed security audits highlighting
where your security could be improved. To find out more call us on
1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly, professional
team who will assist.

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