Say Goodbye To Cyber-Security Issues In Your Workplace By Following These Simple Tips

Aside from physical
security, cyber or online security is one of the biggest problems
that companies have to deal with. As workplaces have become more
digitalised it presents greater opportunities for hackers, cyber
criminals, and remote administrators to cause some serious damage to
businesses. In fact it’s reported that cyber criminals are now
targeting smaller businesses simply because they’re more vulnerable.
The estimated worldwide cost of cyber security breaches runs at an
eye watering $3 trillion. If you don’t want to be just another part
of this statistic, what can you do to protect your company online?

Eradicate weak

Did you know that one
of the biggest online security risks for businesses are weak
passwords. For this reason passwords should be a mix of symbols,
numbers, and case-sensitive letters. It also needs to be long.
Somewhere between 8 and 12 characters is ideal. In addition passwords
should be changed regularly usually every month.

Encrypt and restrict
access to valuable business data

In the 21st century one
of the biggest assets for any company is their collective data. This
is the collected lists of names, addresses, and emails, that
businesses use to market their products, services, and promotions to.
To protect these people, and indeed your online reputation, look to
invest in some encryption technology. Remember if your data gets into
the wrong hands – aside from any lost business and bad publicity, you
could also be facing a multitude of fines and lawsuits. In addition
to installing encryption software you should also look to restrict
access to sensitive information such as employee bank details, next
of kin, and address details.

Don’t keep cyber
security to yourself

In a recent
carried out by Nuix (a global security
provider) 93% of businesses stated that one of the largest threats to
online security is their employees. If you have a sound knowledge of
cyber crime prevention but fail to pass it on to your workforce how
do they know what they’re doing is wrong? With this in mind best
practices would be to carry out regular training on cyber security
and regularly share cyber crime prevention tips and techniques with
the rest of your team. This way every one is made accountable rather
than just those at the top.

As you can see, by
carrying out these simple tips you can ease the pressure on your
cyber security worries. If you’d like advice on your cyber security
and what you can do to improve it then come and talk to MA Security.
We provide security services for businesses (including cyber
security), individuals, and events, throughout Melbourne and the
surrounding areas. To find out how we can help contact our
experienced team on 1300 020 406 today.

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