3 Top Tips To Ensure Event Security

If you’re in charge of
planning an event then it’s your responsibility to make sure that
everyone who attends is in a safe environment and that the venue is
secure. When a large crowd of people gather at an event security
issues can arise in various forms, from protests and terrorist
threats to equipment mishaps and general emergencies. Here’s 3 tips
that we’ve put together for you to consider as you start to plan your
event, to ensure a safe and enjoyable function.

Carry out a risk

At the start of
planning it’s important to carry out a risk assessment in order to
identify any possible security issues. Things to consider include the
attention and profile of your event, where the venue is to be held,
how many guests are expected, and any special guests who may be in
attendance. A high profile event with celebrities, for instance, may
cause fans and unauthorised media to try and access the venue,
which undoubtedly is a security risk. A large number of attendees,
also elevates security concerns with regards to evacuation in the
case of an emergency, which could be difficult to control. Take note
of the above and determine your security levels before approaching a
security provider.

Include your
security representative in meetings

During the planning
phase of your event be sure to ask a representative from your
security provider to be present so that they’re kept up to speed with
the schedule, logistics, and personnel involved. Whenever details are
changed be sure to provide them with an update so they’re in a
position to advise on risks and put together a suitable security
plan. This should include the size of the venue, the number and
position of entrances/exits, which entrance the special guests will
use, whether the area is fenced, as well as admittance requirements.

Make sure all staff
know exactly what they’re doing

We can’t stress enough
how important it is for staff and security to work together and for
everyone to know exactly what their role and duties consist of. With
so many people involved, it’s imperative that each individual knows
what they’re doing so that in the event of an accident occurring or
security being challenged, safety procedures can be carried out
smoothly. Just before the event hold a meeting to go through the
security plan once more with staff and security, and be sure to make
it clear which personnel are in charge, so that any issues can be
reported to them.

These are just a few
points to make note of, since every event will have its own set of
potential security risks and hazards. Although you can’t possibly
plan for everything that might go wrong, the key is to be as thorough
as you can when assessing your event, so that any threats regarding
the safety of your event are diminished. After your event be sure to
analyse anything that needed improvement and learn from any
oversights so you can make your next event even better.

We take safety very
seriously at MA Services Group and have a team of experienced staff
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