Has Your Business Outgrown Its Security?

When you had a
fledgling business security was probably pretty simple. A few
padlocks, some simple signage, and a degree of vigilance was
undoubtedly all it took to keep your property and the contents within
safe and secure. However now you’ve expanded. You have a larger
premises, have taken on more employees, and ultimately you have more
stock and more capital tied up in that stock to lose. With this in
mind, what can you do to make sure that you keep your security in
line with your business?

Upgrade to an
electronic access control system

Access control systems
are in effect a security system, evacuation system, building control
system, and personal management system rolled into one. Not only does
it control the movement of people n and out of your building at any
time, it also keeps a log of the doors used at what time and by whom.
Access is usually gained either through a simple login (password), by
swiping a photo ID, an electronic tag, or through biometric means
such as finger printing or retina recognition. It can also be
operated remotely, enabling a central administrator equipped with a
laptop or PC to control it. The size of the system can be adjusted to
fit the size of your business, so it’s easily adaptable.

Upgrade your CCTV

Modern day CCTV cameras
are way more sophisticated than their older counterparts and can be
adapted to fit the needs of your business. You could, for example,
exchange fixed devices for cameras that pan and tilt automatically.
Similar to light sensors, some CCTV cameras are activated by
movement. They can also be monitored and operated remotely, in many
cases from a handheld smartphone. This means that if you’re away for
the weekend and want to check in, simply log into your phone and you
have control of the cameras, whereby you can pan and zoom keeping a
watchful eye on any aspect of your business. In addition you an also
tie this in to a remote monitoring station nearby which is manned by
24 hour security. They can have full control over your security from
a centralised position during the out-of hours period and with an
additional key holding service, can run physical periodic checks on
your premises too.

Have a physical
security presence

Security officers have
the ability to provide a physical deterrent which can prevent anyone
from breaking and entering your premises and/or stealing from you. As
above this can be carried out remotely with a key holding/monitoring
service along with regular scheduled patrolling during non-working
hours. Alternatively security guards can also be deployed during
working hours in a number of roles including customer service (or
concierge) duties, static guarding controlling entry and exit of
personnel and visitors, or in a corporate role as part of an in-house
security team.

As you can see, there
is much you can do to make sure that your security grows as your
business does. To find out more about how you can adapt and expand
your security measures, contact MA Security. We’ve been helping
businesses and individuals protect their assets for many years so
contact us on 1300 020 406 and talk to our friendly but
highly-experienced team today.  

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