5 Ways That Private Security Can Protect Your Site

Security Guards at Stadium

It has to be the dream of all Australian business owners to operate in an environment where they, their staff, and their customers are guaranteed safety. According to research carried out in 2017 by The Guardian, it seems that more and more businesses across the world are hiring private security guards to protect certain people, specific things, and numerous places. In fact, in more than 40 countries including Australia, there are more private security guards in employment than there are police officers. If you’re looking at adding to these statistics, then here are 5 common ways that MA Security Guards can keep your site safe.

Mobile patrols and alarm responses

You can’t watch your business all of the time and when you’re not watching wouldn’t it be good to know that we are? Our guards are extensively trained in all aspects of mobile patrolling and alarm response meaning they can respond quickly and efficiently to a variety of situations, ensuring the safety of your staff and assets outside of regular hours.

Concierge and customer services

Our guards are also trained in areas of customer service meaning they can carry out tasks such as manning the reception desk, taking in parcels, meeting and greeting visitors, etc while maintaining a low key security presence.

Loss prevention and control room operators

Shoplifting accounts for a huge percentage of retail crime. Our officers can monitor your retail store for signs of shoplifters and be uniformed or in plain clothes. Often just the sight of a uniformed officer is enough to scare away shoplifters. In addition, our guards can man your control room watching CCTV cameras for signs of trouble.

Drug and alcohol screening

When hosting large events it’s vital that attendees aren’t exposed to criminal behaviour or acts of bringing in illegal substances. Our officers are well trained in calming down conflicts and in identifying concealed objects, to keep your site safe. They’re also trained in handling crowd control and removing anyone behaving badly or illegally from the premises and notifying the authorities.

Traffic control

If you’re hosting a large event it’s critical to keep people moving and prevent bottlenecks from forming. Our guards are experienced at controlling the movements of numerous vehicles in cramped spaces with a safety-first approach and a keen eye on potential hazards.

If you’re looking for peace of mind that you can operate your site safely then get in touch with MA Security to see what we can do for you. Call today on 1300 020 406.