5 Perks Of A Security Guard For Your Business

retail security personnelsWhatever the size of your business the perks of hiring a security guard for your business remains the same.

A sense of security

Hiring a security guard gives any business owner peace of mind while instilling a sense of security for both employees and customers. If your business is located in an area renowned for its high rate of crime or it deals with high-end merchandise, then having a security guard as a team member is incredibly important. A “high crime rate” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re working in a bad area either – it could simply mean that the area where you’re located is in a sparsely populated area, such as an industrial park.

Helps prevent crime

In this day and age, you can’t sit back on your laurels and think that a standard security system is all your business needs. It isn’t! The very presence of a security guard acts as a great deterrent and can prevent crime from happening. A trained security guard can sniff out suspicious activity, assess the situation, and react speedily to any breach of security. The cost of hiring a security guard is relatively small compared to what you could stand to lose from theft or shoplifting.

The right response

Hiring professional security from a reputable security guard company ensures that the guard you receive will know how to react in any given situation. He’ll have the power to apprehend, hold, and detain a suspect until the police arrive and will know not to lose his temper or apply too much force.

Represents your business

A security guard is often the first person that a visitor meets, what with today’s trend for guards to sit behind reception desks. Whether they’re checking out a person’s credentials, directing a visitor to the correct floor of the building, or escorting an employee to the car park at night, a security guard is likely to have a fair amount of interaction with visitors, clients, and employees. Having a security guard who is courteous, friendly, and efficient, demonstrates your business is people orientated and secure.

Eases your workload

While a security guard is often placed at the front desk, he or she has many skills which stretch beyond reception duties. They could be employed to monitor CCTV surveillance camera screens watching for suspicious activities or shoplifters on the day, they could be on duty after hours, or they could be responsible for opening and closing the business. Taking on these duties could ease the workload of the owner or certain employees, allowing them to get on with what they do best – running their business.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large established firm, hiring a security guard gives you, your employees, and your visitor’s peace of mind helps prevent crime and takes stress off your shoulders. If you’d like to find out more about hiring a security guard then get in touch with MA Security by calling 1300 020 406. We take a modern, fresh, and professional approach to security.