Six Top Tips To Better Secure Your Home

home keysCan you imagine how you would feel to come home and find that your house had been burgled? It must surely feel as if you have been personally violated and is a horrible experience that is likely to stay with you forever. Home security isn’t just about keeping burglars out; more importantly, it’s about keeping your family and personal belongings safe. We’ve put together 6 simple tips which, if you take them on board, will help improve your home security immensely. So, here we go……

Lock your doors

You’ll be amazed at how many people leave their homes without bothering to lock their front door. Even if you’re popping to the corner shop or taking the dog for a short walk, you never know who’s about and it only takes seconds for an opportunist to seize the moment.

Keep tools stored away

Perhaps you’ve been painting the outside of your property and rather than return your ladders to the right place you’ve left them standing in the yard. Big mistake. Never leave tools or equipment that can help a would-be burglar gain access to your property. Keep all tools and ladders under lock and key in your garage or garden shed.

Unveil your property

Everyone wants to make their properties look more inviting with nicely landscaped gardens, but a porch that is obscured by shrubs and bushes is a tempting proposition for anyone intent on tampering with your locks and having no one from the street see their actions. As well as trimming sprawling climbers, make sure to install some sensor lights which come on at the merest sign of movement, and illuminate your entrances.

Don’t let on that you’re away

If you’re away on vacation and it’s pretty obvious that you’re not at home, then that’s almost like inviting a burglar inside with welcome arms. Instead, let your neighbours know that you’re going away and ask if they can call to pick up the mail and perhaps park a car on your driveway. It’s also a good idea to put a couple of lights and/or a radio on a timer so that they come on and turn themselves off at regular times of the day. Better still, why not organise a house/pet sitter and avoid any worries altogether.

Beef up security

Typically most thieves make off with items that they can quickly grab and escape with. Such things as money, jewellery, and small electronic devices are the most popular. Why not consider installing a small safe in your home into which you can put these types of items so that should you get broken into, the thief may not take too much with him. In addition, check that your doors and windows have secure locks or shutters.

Install some modern security systems

cctv system

To make doubly sure that your home is protected, why not install some of the latest security devices including CCTV cameras, security alarms, and lighting to deter potential thieves.

Following these 6 tips will give you better peace of mind and help maximise your home security. Meanwhile, if you need further advice on services and technologies to keep your home safer, then do get in touch with MA Security by calling 1300 020 406. We have extensive knowledge of all types of security.