10 Tips To Help You Stay Safe At A Large Event

event MoombaOne of the advantages of living in or near Australia’s sprawling cities is that there’s always something going on. From food festivals to concerts, cities attract large events and with that territory comes large crowds. If you’re heading out to a festival, concert, or game this weekend, then take a while to plan ahead.

There is always some element of risk associated with crowded events and making it home safely can rarely be attributed to ‘good luck’. With this in mind, how can you prepare to ensure that you or your loved ones arrive home safe and sound.

We’ve put together some points to consider as well as showing you how to plan for the unexpected. So, here goes:

  1. Weather check
    Watch the weather report or check it out online for the area where your event is scheduled to take place. Check the event’s website prior to leaving for any information that could affect you and/or your party.
  1. Personal belongings – Leave any valuable jewellery or watches behind you and be mindful that your wallet, purse, and mobile phone is close to your person and out of view of pickpockets. Also ensure that if travelling by car, you leave any valuables out of sight in the car, and please remember to lock the doors before walking away!

  1. Know where you are – Take care to look all around you, establish exactly where you are, and importantly, where the exits are placed. Look for any landmarks to familiarise yourself with your surroundings.

  1. Plan a meeting point – If you’re attending the event as a group then plan a meeting point in the event that you get separated. Discuss times to check on each other and follow up if you can’t get in contact with a member of your party.

  1. Important phone numbers – Just in case you lose your phone or the battery dies, be sure to have a list of important phone numbers written down, so you can get in touch with your group if you get separated.

  1. Kids – If you’re accompanied by children, then go over the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule once more.

  1. Emergency supplies – Just in case you get stranded in the car park or break down on route be sure to pack a few emergency supplies such as a torch, water, snacks, and first aid kit.

  1. Drink – Don’t forget the importance of drinking fluids to stay hydrated when temperatures are soaring. Lower your alcohol intake as drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate you.

  1. Inform security – If you come across someone kicking off over something then steer well clear of them as quickly as you can. If you spot any suspicious activity or a commotion of any sorts, then don’t be afraid to contact a security guard or police officer.

  1. Fill up – Finally make sure you have sufficient fuel in your vehicle to get you out of the car park if you have to sit in a long queue with your engine running for some considerable time. 

At MA Security we’re well versed in handling security at large events. So whether you’re planning an event and need some advice on security planning or you need to hire security guards, then just give us a call on 1300 020 406. Remember good security makes the day go with a swing and that doesn’t mean it gets remembered for all the wrong reasons.