3 Of The More ‘Off The Wall’ Services That An Experienced Security Company Might Be Expected To Provide

If you were asked the question “What are the main services that a security company provide” you might think of static guarding and alarm monitoring. While it’s true that for many companies this is their bread and butter work, modern-day security comes in many shapes and forms. As such the industry itself covers a lot of scopes. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to give you 3 ‘off the wall’ services that a modern-day security company can be expected to provide.

Event security

There’s no doubting that large scale festivals and events need security, but not only this, they also require meticulous security planning. For this reason, plus the fact that music festivals are becoming more and more popular, this service is very much in demand. For anyone running a large scale event then this has to be good news because an experienced event security company can take over the whole process. This includes security evaluation and planning and acquiring staff, through training and execution.


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Concierge services

Who’d have thought that a security company would be providing concierge services but it’s true! Many businesses these days can’t afford bad customer service and for this reason, they also can’t afford to employ security personnel who simply don’t reflect the company’s brand and image. For this reason, a new breed of concierge/security personnel is coming to the fore. They have all the training that security personnel have but in addition, they’ve been trained in the art of customer service too. For companies, this is a win/win situation because they no longer have to hire a security guard and a receptionist/customer service representative. A concierge/security guard understands the importance of company image but also knows exactly how to respond to any emergency circumstances, suspicious people, or suspect packages should the need arise.

VIP/Asset protection

As there appear to be more high net worth earners now than ever before many are opting for the services of security companies. VIP/asset protection personnel are employed to make sure that the individual, their family, and their assets such as property and possessions remain safe. This might involve security contingency planning if the individual takes a business trip or holiday, guarding, patrolling, and monitoring a property, or low-profile security at a function, party, or engagement.

So there you have it, 3 of the more unusual types of service that an experienced security company can offer.

If you need any of the services above or indeed any of the more conventional services such as static guarding, alarm monitoring, and key holding, then come and talk to MA Services Group. With decades of experience within the industry, we can help. Contact us on 03 9339 3500 to find out more or visit our website at https://maservicesgroup.com.au/

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